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  • sorry dan i thought you ment weed (we live and we learn ay bro)
  • Hay Winn Much as I am new here myself, im into fun and informative myself, there’s a time and a place for everything (ten thousand things) and my expectations are looking for friendly advice on my journey from like minded individuals Tao is a comp…
    in Hello Comment by RIVER_DOG March 2011
  • Hay Dan Smoking weed expressly some of the skunk can really mess with your head, and maybe if you do decide to bin it of, your goals might change? You might find new interests and through that new people in your life? I think the wu wei aspect is…
  • Discussing tao with people who have never heard of it can be like trying to push water up hill, I try to keep it simple I generally say I am trying to become all I can be through self analysis it’s a bit like (cognitive behaviour therapy) explaining…
  • Hi Carl Initially there did seem to me that there was a strong emphasis on the intellectual aspects of tao dissecting things to the point of no point (if you get my point) And there is a place for that but that’s not a definition of tao IMMHO It’…
  • Thanks for the welcome Ye I no the tea house I am the river dog on there as well its good to talk to like minded people initially I pi**ed a few people of there myself but now its all back of the bus Thanks BOB
  • Hay Dan Sometimes I find myself over analysing things and can get to wrapped up in thinking and not doing Our egos can play a massive roll sometimes, this isn’t fare or I don’t deserve that. We are only in this form for a short while and I try to …
  • Hi all I have the odd moment of clarity where I can bang out a poem, I done this one while I was having my morning coffee looking out the back window, I was sitting looking out the window at the winter scene, but there’s still life all around I …
  • Heres a link bro that helped me i hope it helps you a bit to he gou bob
  • Good morning danjlittler I am new to this site and this is my first reply I was reading your post and it struck a cord with me, I have found similarities with you position and the situation that I found myself in recently. My relationship of 25 ye…