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  • My ideal trip is to fly to the Maldives on a private jet charter. There to stay in the best hotel and sunbathe all day, chill in the pool in the evening and maybe try snorkeling with sharks. I would have to work several years without a weekend to af…
  • Oh, my favorite games that I can play many times are so different from yours. I play mobile games like Jolly Farm and Candy Crush. Jolly Farm hasn't updated with new levels in a long time, I've been replaying from the 1st level four times. I'm such …
  • I don't invest in cryptocurrency, but I often think it's time to start doing it. It just seems to me that it's all complicated and it takes a lot of analysis to be successful.
  • You can find a freelancer to build an app. Freelance sites usually have prices for projects right away. And I think it will be cheaper than going to a development company.
  • There are many different types of vapes and it's really hard to make a choice. I use cbd vape pen cartridges. I like that the CBD vape pen has long-lasting batteries, provides powerful portions of CBD and can be tossed in the trash when it' s done. …
  • Everyone has been using Tinder for non-serious dating for a long time
  • I see information about cryptocurrency so often on the Internet and hear from acquaintances that I begin to think about it. It seems to me that everyone is already making money from crypto except me. I need to find a good platform for a beginner
  • I buy lettuce that is already washed. All you have to do is take off the packaging and use