Strapon panty reviews

How to use for maximum enjoyment?


  • Despite some difficulties with fixation, you should not engage in sexual intercourse until the toy is fully and securely attached to the body. The straps should not dig into the skin or, on the contrary, dangle. We ordered here
    Lubricants should be taken care of in advance, preparing a suitable for a particular phallus. It is not recommended to have sex with dildos without a proper amount of lubricant, especially for anal pleasure. My spouse and I have been practicing anal sex for a long time To say that we liked it, nothing to say. I love it! My husband is asking for another experiment. We were completely satisfied with the purchase.
  • Sex is an emotion that you get with your partner, and what they will be and with what to cause them, only you decide. Accessories are the perfect complement to sex!
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