Fiat to Crypto On/Off Ramp for Alchemix

I have a proposal for the Alchemix community in regards to a fiat-to-stablecoin or crypto on/off ramp widget that could be easily integratable right onto the front page by Stably.

Similar to MoonPay, but with differences such as lower fees and more payment methods accepted. Fully compliant and 200+ countries accepted, and multichain (10+, many more soon).

The result would be significantly reduced friction for Alchemix users, as right now most users must go through a CEX, convert to an ERC20 token, withdraw to a wallet, then connect here. By using us, friction + gas fees are way lower, and users could buy right from the site, increasing usage and liquidity.

We'd integrate it for free and make a very small fee from transactions, though this fee could be increased to generate revenue for Alchemix as well (while still being below competitor rates).

Would love feedback and questions, good or bad.


  • What alternative proposals could there be? If you can give me a hint, I'd like to read real scripts to facilitate the connection. Even if this is not currently possible, it'd be useful for the average user to know what to expect. I've seen many bold suggestions from other users, but they always get only criticism in return. Is there any working scenario to solve this problem? :) This is obviously not a topic I can find on Young and Thrifty, so I'm waiting for an answer from the smart guys.
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