Driveway cleaning

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New to the forum and would like to wish you all a happy new year,

With my business we have introduced driveway cleaning now for a few months, Weve had a small amount of customers take up the offer of £150 to de weed soft wash and re sand. I thought the custom would be flying in but unfortunatley its not as id expect, Would this be because of pricing too cheap ?, ill upload pics if i cam of before and after on a drive we done and i know its not the work thats at fault. Is there any guidance on a sort of price range that would intise people to come forward or am i barking up the wrong tree here ??.

Look forward to your replies and thanks again for accepting me to the forum.


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    The pricing strategy should be based on the area where you provide services. If most of your customers are middle—class workers, you should focus on the average market price. There is a possibility that too low a price repels people; this is always alarming when buying a service. Try to conduct a study among companies like Sparkle Wash Central Indiana that provide similar services and derive an average price value. Contacting a marketing agency for this task will be much easier. I am sure that you will succeed. Good luck!
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