Contract law question

I’m doing a GAP insurance claim and they’re requiring a copy of the crash report. Per the contract, it just says copy of the crash report. It doesn’t state that is has to be certified or unredacted. I submitted and uncertified redacted copy. The GAP insurance company is giving me grief.

Per the contract I’ve fulfilled the requirement. Would I have a case if they denied my claim because I gave them an uncertified and redacted copy of the crash report?


  • I think you'd better contact a lawyer with this question. Decide who you will contact based on a combination of factors, and in no case will you be fooled by advertising. Study the reviews about the company. You also need to meet with a lawyer in person or online and decide based on an inner feeling you will form if you evaluate every detail. That's how I chose an excellent probate attorney who helped me resolve a controversial issue regarding my grandmother's inheritance.
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