Anybody recognize this lens "Photo-Hall Paris"?

Anybody know something about this lens "Photo-Hall Paris" (f/ 8 - 64)?

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  • Photo Hall was a large Parisian Retailer, who also had his own branded versions of camera sets, lenses etc!
  • I still use vintage lenses from time to time. There really isn't a line of affordable vintage lenses that I like more than Contax Zeiss lenses. These SLR camera lenses, manufactured by Carl Zeiss in collaboration with Yashica, were developed for 35mm Yashica and Contax cameras with a C/Y mount.
    Zeiss — undoubtedly the most respected lens manufacturer along with Leica at the time — worked with Contax back in the 1930s when it designed and manufactured lenses for Contax rangefinders. Good technique helps takes great pictures good photographers.
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