Children bearing Children

Is it moral and the right thing to do, to allow a child that has gotten pregnant to give birth to a child?

Is children having children acceptable within your religion? Why or why not?

Do the Gods care whether or not Children are raped and forced to give birth in ways that may damage them for the rest of their lives?


  • Unfortunately, we are witnessing the prohibition of abortion in most states. People do not realize that by banning abortions, they will deprive victims of violence and children of the opportunity to build their future. In my opinion, this is wrong. Each person must decide their destiny independently. Even if a girl loses the opportunity to have children, she can always adopt a child. If you believe the Internet, local agencies are in your area and throughout the country. I partly understand that the government is doing this because the birth rate is falling, as people are interested in their careers. However, the prohibition of abortion will increase only the number of victims of clandestine
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