Best shoes for a ballgown?

Hi all!

I have my wedding dress which is a full-length ball gown. Wondering what style of shoe is best, closed-toe and or strappy sandal?

Couple of considerations:

1. It can't be too high because I'm not the best in heels so I'm looking for something with a thinker heel as well.

2. I'm also worried about being in that situation where your dress hem gets caught in between your heel and the slingback shoe.

3. The wedding is fairly formal so want to maintain the theme with my shoes!

Please help!



  • The easiest option is to buy beautiful high-heeled shoes for the ceremonial part and ask the photographer to take a photo at this time; that is what I did when my wedding was. After all the solemn congratulations, the party started, and I just changed into tennis shoes with, which were in my friend's purse. I love dancing and having fun, and that's why it was important for me to be able to change my shoes and continue the party. I think this is a way out for your situation as well.
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