How to tell dad I'm not having fun in football (american)

My first year playing football was horrible, I hated it. I decided to keep playing for my dad to make him proud of me I guess, this was my 5th grade year and now I'm a sophomore, I didn't play any this season due to an injury. I have since had surgery and pretty much recovered but now that I've had my surgery I want to quit because I'm not having fun anymore. but this makes me feel like the surgery would have been a waste. So back to being a sophomore, the coaches have known me for a while and think highly of me. I'm wondering how i could tell my dad that I don't enjoy it anymore. My father thinks very highly of me and brags about me, I just don't know what to do or how to tell him.


  • Hey, dude, don't be sour. I understand that you don't want to let your father down, but this is your life, man, only yours! And you have the right to decide what you choose and what will go hand in hand with you in life, dude! Make a decision, have the courage and tell your father that American football no longer gives you the pleasure that it used to be. It's just not your game, that's all. All you will get from this is possible injuries and constant moral pressure. Try to learn more about football with Maybe you'll like it.
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