Mothers Day gifts

Does anyone have any suggestions for a gift I can take to mum in her care home? Now that we can go into her room, we have just been through her wardrobe and replaced most of the clothes so she does not need anything to wear. Mum is now unable to walk around without help so anything put in a drawer gets forgotten about and there is not much room on surfaces for ornaments or flowers. Other than chocolates and biscuits, I have run out of ideas and there are four os if siblings all trying to think of gifts!

When looking in her cabinet drawers, we realised that housekeeping tidy away many of the treats we have been taking in so I had to throw away some very out of date cakes last week. Mum cannot access the drawers on her own and forgets about stuff once it is out of sight so even chocolates might be a waste of time!

Mum will have no idea that it is Mothering Sunday but I still want to give her something. Any suggestions?


  • You can give a set of tools for taking a shower. These are various gels and foams. As a gift, you need to pick up hypoallergenic products with a neutral fragrance or even without it, because a young mother is constantly in contact with her baby and breast-feeds him. Irritants in the form of pronounced aromas are absolutely useless. This will be a great solution for any woman, because everyone wants to look attractive, right? Using the website you can find more options.
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