How to build iOS App in 2022

Hi All,

I got my iOS App live recently. I had checked various threads on the forum, but there were many critical information missing/buried in those and it was quite hard to get it working.

So I thought I’d share what worked for me. Here it is.

Get Xcode and install it. You may have to create a lot of space on your hard disk to be able to install it. The space varies from system to system and version to version. In my case it was about 50GB

Use this video Create WebView in App (Swift 5, Xcode 12, 2022) - iOS Development - YouTube 1 . This should make your app work in the simulator.

Set App icons using this:

Get your Apple Developer account and set it up. You could do this as the first step too as there is a long process of approval here.

Use this URL to get app signing right How to code sign & publish iOS apps | Codemagic Blog . This part was the hardest for me. Before getting to this link itself I wasted a lot of time and even after this it was not a cakewalk, but it was at least doable by tinkering a few settings

Using the link above itself, add app in your Apple Developer account. Link up the certificates etc as mentioned in link in step 4.

Upload app using link above

Here I also did a step of adding my app to the Test Flight, added a user to test the app and got him to install and check the app. Not sure if it is needed, but anyway helps in making sure app works as you intend it to. Simulator may not give true results.

Now I submitted the app for approval and approval was reasonably fast.

Jasonelle is a good option as well I think, but the steps to use it that are present on forum are outdated and didn’t work for me. I got stuck multiple times and finally decided to chuck it because of little support.

Two main issues that I had got stuck on apart from issues mentioned earlier:

If an input field has small font size, then when a person clicks on the input field, iOS browser is zoomed and it doesn’t even zoomed back once input is done. To fix this, change the font size of the input to min. 16px. There are other solutions too in the forum, but this was the simplest and effective.
If you have Google Oauth login enabled in your app, users won’t be login to it using that as there is some security issue. So you’d have to detect whether your app has Google oAuth enabled and disable that option when request is coming from iOS App. You can detect it by adding a url parameter when you are calling your website in the app. If you insist on using Google OAuth, it is possible but you will have to use some native sdk etc which I am not conversant with.

Hope it helps.


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