The Pirate Bay Proxy Sites List

The Pirate Bay Proxy is an simple way to unblock blocked websites and web data using various nation proxies where the link has not been blocked.

The Pirate Bay is the single most piracy site, and most countries across the globe are able to curb online piracy and spam traffic, but traffic is not stopped or reduced as there are few alternative methods, such as pirate bay proxy websites, 1337x, RARBG, Tor Lock, Torrentz2, etc. No other forum for piracy has created as much controversy as the Pirate Bay Proxy.

Using The Pirate Bay, you’ll download the new films, web shows, songs, videos and apps to your computer. You can consider high quality feature films and sows used.


  • This is the reason why I like Pirate Bay proxy. I can download the latest movies, tv shows, audio books for free! God know how much I've wasted on these before I found out about these proxy serves. I mean, one movie costs about 10$, are you being serious? So let's just say I watch 10 movies a month , I just lost a 100 bucks. Besides, the chance of me catching a virus when using one of these servers is almost non-existant. So I can surf the web soundly, knowing that my browser is protected.
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