To Carl and the boy's :-)

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So, either I am wrong or narcissitic, right? lol. :D


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    Just finished watching the second half to the show. Carl...I believe I can relate to what your going through / feeling over the loss of your brother, and not wanting to let your boys go. my daughter she is only 11 years old. I have had a very difficult time letting her go, and allowing her to grow into her own independance. I am learning though by taking little baby steps. It stems from loseing apart of me 13 years ago. I have this deep fear of loseing her also. I also have this deep fear of being all alone when she grows up. But I also know that if I don't let her spread her wings...allow her the space to will hinder her in her development. Already her social skills have been hindered because aside from going to school, I keep her isolated from other children. In the last year I have been slowley learning to let go alittle bit. It hasn't been easy. Been very difficult. As she grows older she may not need me as much as she does now. But thats okay. Atleast she will know I am here when she does need me.
    Luke I got the feeling he is ready to exsplore new things. To see apart of society that he has been kept isolated from. Let him spread his wings. To exsperiance whats out there.
    Kyle.....I see that he is shy. But I also felt there was seldom any emostion in him. wether it be happy, or sad..or whatever. It was like there was nothing there at times. I feel kyle has been isolated so much that he don't know how to act.
    I don't mean to offend you, this is JMO
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    Spelling, grammar, do these things mean nothing to you people?
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    It always amazes me how people who have nothing deep to say pick on the details.

    Make a website and edit it.
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    Well, it is late and I'm tired, disappointed, frusterated . . . but I will answer just this one question, and all of you who asked the same sort of thing can read this answer for now.

    Anyway, you are entitled to your opinion, but do realize the similarity between a conversation based on a family on "Trading Spouses" and a conversation based on a family on "Everybody Loves Raymond." Neither is REAL! So forgive me if I don't feel like explaining how things really are right now, because not only am I exhausted and aggravated (not at you, but from the whole thing), but because you don't know who I am! No offense, but you can't honestly say that you know me based on my depection on this so-called "reality TV" show.

    My dad and I posted our comments at

    OK, that's all for tonight. I'm going to bed.
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    :) I just wanted to post my impression of your family. I found the episode of trading spouses you appeared on to be very interesting. I know the show tends to put a slant in one direction or another to suit their needs for an audience so I don't want to even begin to think that I really know your family from the show. But I did find a few things facinating about both families views on life. The fact that you are learning chinese and you are so musically talented really speaks volumes for your way of life. Not many teenagers today have as much culture and intelligence that you seem to possess. Yet, I also feel that Vicky may have made a valid point that your Mom and pop will not always be there and you will have to experience some things on your own if not for the experience and adventure it might bring, but for the fact that it might decrease the size of the hole in your life for when they are not there. I really sincerely hope that you can find a healthy and happy balance of both worlds. I guess I came onto the site in the first place to find out the real story of your family and your values and to see if after the show you truly felt a need to venture out and be more independant. Do you think that the experience actually taught you something about the world and the other people in it? Do you still keep in contact with Vicky? Did she seem to pick up anything that she appreciated about your family? Best wishes for your future endevours.

    P.S. Hope you slept well....this has got to be really emotionally draining having everyone tell you their opinions. But hang in there.....By reaching out to those that are curious, you may just meet someone that you connect with and you will make a new friend.
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    You know, randomly watching the show (never watched it before, s'how I ended up here) I can safely say anyone who thinks the Abbott family are strange/misled/brainwashed should visit Santa Cruz... or maybe they should stay far away. :wink:

    Your friendly Oakland neighbor (who spends a lot of time in Santa Cruz),
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