what Tao Te Ching do you use

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I disagree compleatly about you saying thats what reality tv is all about. It's about what FOX wants, and what they want is to decieve people. I knew they edited things, but not in the manner I am now finding out. This makes me disgusted ! They are making familys look bad. and how many familys have been hurt from fox decieving the people into believing the worse ?? Now Barbra Gates.........from the last show...I believe she was bad period ! [/b]


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    in just the last few days of browsing thru the stacks at my library, i've found several different translations of the Tao Te Ching, with subtle differences in meaning...one word changes alot. Just wondering what version or edition y'all use, and why? Any to recommend or avoid?
    I'll be reading all i can get my hands on, thats how I do things, jump in both bare feet first in the deep end...
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