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I understand that you and your children share the same bedroom with your wife. This totally blows my mind. I did hear your explanation that you offered to Vikki abou thow you do not preach indepemdence like she does. I have to wonder if you and you wife make love to each other in the presence of the children while in this bedroom, too. I know what goes on in the bedroom of most couples and do not condone such intimacy in the presence of ANY others.

It seems as if no one in your family has ANY privacy of their own. People are people and come to know themselves by getting to know their own individual preferences.

It seems that you have not taught your children the power of choice. You have only offered your beliefs and accept only such. We were created as individuals and are such. You ought to at least give your kids a chance in teh "real world." hey have not been able to experience anything else. Only one who exoperiences can make a decision that truly fits them.


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    The birthday party was so moving, considering Leslie looked or was portrayed so left out and lonely during her stay it felt so sad. luke & kyle opening up was pretty cool. This show turned out not to be about the Lowe's did you notice? The Abbotts were front and center. The underlining theme that FOX wanted to promote was that the boys had no freedom and how much they desired to be let go eg. when Kyle was looking out of the window when the new mom was lecturing dad about freedom for the kids, They also exagerated the scene by making it look like Luke had enough, also the part when he was singing that song about hesitation etc.
    Well Im wondering whether things have changed around the household. In the end luke looked like he was looking forward to 'spread his wings' into a new life. Wondering whether he followed up.
    All in all, It was a great show....We all learned alot from it......
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    I just wanted to give you my support and say from what I saw on the TV show and from what I read here, you seem to be a truely awesome family. The love and respect that you have for each other showed regardless of the editing. The love and joy that I could feel through the TV coming from Carl reminded me of my own father. I grew up in Ireland with my parents and six siblings, we lived on a 100 acre farm because my parents decided that this was a more stable envirnoment for their children to be rared. We did wear shoes - Ireland is a wet country. We co-slept until each of us children decided to move out on our own, we always knew we were welcomed with open arms back in if we decided to go. My younger bother was the longest to share a room with my parents, he finally moved out with he was about 14 years old. I see nothing wrong with the co-sleeping arrangement as long as that is what is mutually favorable to all parties involved.

    I moved from Ireland to CA 6 years ago, it nearly broke my fathers heart as like Carl, he would like to have his family close so that he can love and protect them from the unknown. I visit with my parents at least once a year since then. I have grown as a person since moving here, as with each experience I evolve. I actually lived in Santa Cruz for 3 of the 6 years, it is beautiful, I would like to go back someday, but I work here in San Jose and the everyday commute over Highway 17 wasn't adding any value to my life. I got married three years ago to a wonderful man and I have a 14 month old baby boy - (We co-sleep). I am happy, healthy and successful after leaving the nest. Carl, you have reared your boys with good strong wholesome values, that legacy will live with them forever. They too will flourish in the next phase of their lives and like me, they will always treasure the most wonderful gift of all, the undying love of their parents.

    Thank you for the peek you gave us into your lives, it was inspiring!
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    Edited or not, i enjoyed this episode a lot more than the first-seeing Carl break it down to Aretha Franklin was a sight to see-one of the few parts that showed how much fun the week really was...and seeing him break down was very touching-again, even if it was edited for affect-Next to my kid, my relationship with my brother has always been my most sacred. I went 2 years once without seeing him, nearly broke my heart.
    Anyone who says a single loss like this can't change a person's life forever has never loved-though I'm sure there was more to it than just that-but that's Carls' business, isn't it...he signed a week of his life over to Fox, not his whole life
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