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[cite] Tao Nut:[/cite]Hey there!

I don't find looks to show a person who he/she is. I mean take for example, Oda Nobunaga (you might want to look him up on google). I saw a picture of him and he was . . . good looking (in a way) but he was a ruthless, cunning, bloodthristy Diamyo. That may be a bit over the edge but you get my point. Looks don't mean much to me and so I don't spend hours grooming my hair or getting my nails done. It must just be my irrisistable charm! :wink:

This my friend, is what would make you such a "hottie" to the people who have said so :idea: Everyone knows, the truly good looking are those who don't know how good looking they are :D I should know!! :wink:


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    Does the abbott family beleive in God or Jesus? What are their thoughts on this aspect? Do they follow the bible somewhat?
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    Did you watch the show? They are Taoist.

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    I'm Toastist. I believe in cooked bread...
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