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Hey there!

Well, I'm not really a girl person quite yet if you know what I mean and modeling isn't my thing. I don't want girls all over me. Sorry ladies! *whistle!*

Are you reading anything we've said on the site!? You shouldn't be angry at pap not letting us go because he says we can go whenever we want! He's not holding us down in any way! They portrayed him as a tin headed tyrant but the magic of editing can make him (anybody actually) look like anybody they want him to look like.

I don't find looks to show a person who he/she is. I mean take for example, Oda Nobunaga (you might want to look him up on google). I saw a picture of him and he was . . . good looking (in a way) but he was a ruthless, cunning, bloodthristy Diamyo. That may be a bit over the edge but you get my point. Looks don't mean much to me and so I don't spend hours grooming my hair or getting my nails done. It must just be my irrisistable charm! :wink:


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    Hello to the Abbott Family~
    I just got to see the ending of the show, and wow. First off I have to apologize to Carl for judging him. After the first episode, I thought he was a controlling, brainwashing freak who needed to get a life, but now I can see that he is a caring person who loves his family and wants only the best for them. There, now that I got that off my chest, lol. Finally I would like to know if you can help me with some info on taoism. I went to a catholic high school, and our junior year we had world religion, and a horrible teacher, so I slept most of the class. I am catholic, but do not like it. I don't agree with most of the things they believe and am trying to broaden my horizans-so to speak, and find a religion that suites me. I have to say Luke this is an amazing website, and I really do agree with Vicki when she said that you are a brilliant person. I would love to talk with you and become friends :)
    Thats all for now,
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