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Should I prioritize Hero summons or Weapon summons?
As a newer player, Hero summons are what you should go for until you have a stable roster you want to build up. We always recommend mono element teams first, since it's the easiest to raise. Once you've settled on a roster, feel free to put in a few summons for weapons to flesh out and gear your team. From there, generally Hero summons are worth more in the long term because Hero Crystals (used to limit break heroes) can only obtained by dupe summons. Rare exclusive weapons can still be made by just playing the game and doing random weapon evolutions. However if a weapon banner rate-up comes along, feel free to summon on it if you need that weapon.

What are some important items I should know about?
The most important items you should keep tabs on are the following -

Hero Crystals - these are only obtained through summoning dupes. They're important for later on when you finally 5* a hero and want to limit break them (increase their level cap). Basically it's an endgame currency.

Mileage Tickets - This is used only to pity units. These are important only because the faster you can get 300 tickets, the faster you can get any hero or exclusive weapon you want in the game. There are "Mileage events" that come around from time to time. You can gain bonus mileage tickets when you summon 30/60 times for Hero summons and 30/60 times for Weapon summons.

Awakening Crystals - These are used to upgrade your hero's passives and raw stats. Super important for just getting a strong character. These take priority too just because you're locked to 3 runs of Awaken Dungeon a day (unless you pay gems to do more.)

What should I do with Hero Crystals? Do I spend it on Evolution shards or limit break my heroes?
The general consensus is that you should be saving all your Hero crystals to limit break your heroes. For you to fully limit break a 2-star hero, it'll take 350 Hero Crystals. If you want to limit break a 3-star hero, it'll take about 700 Hero Crystals.


If you're a whale, do whatever you want with them.

Is there co-op in the game?
Not yet! Hopefully it'll be implemented soon.

What should I do with dupe exclusive weapons?
You can limit break them or just hold onto them. The choice is up to you.

What should I upgrade first in my Heavenshold tower base?
Anything you want, the general consensus is to upgrade your Inn and Sky Garden first so you can unlock Plitvice. Afterwards just build how you want to build.
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