Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh...

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It always amazes me how people who have nothing deep to say pick on the details.

Make a website and edit it.


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    Okay, so I've been posting on the AOL Trading Spouses message board, trying to bring some sanity/understanding to the topic. This was in my email tonight, and posted to the board:

    "I'm thinking this Susan Physco is just like some of the whakos weve seen thus far on these reality shows,,,lmao
    Get real woman!!! Quit being so rigid!!!"

    I just had to laugh at the spelling and the general weirdness of the post. Then I realized there were about 10 or 15 more like it from other people! Interesting that I'm the "rigid" one, when all I'm doing is saying "live and let live" - stop judging people because you refuse to even try to see things from another perspective.


    (Formerly username Rowan - can't seem to get my original account logged back on, soI made a new one)
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    LOL, I was called an 'Abbott groupie' for sticking up for them on the FOX board.
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    I was called a 'barefoot prophet' on those boards...think it was sarcastic, but i'll take it...
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