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Good question, and a good question always trumps a good answer, yet I'll try. One response might be...

'Will' is synonymous with desire. Thus, "whose will is bent on what he ought to do" is the same as "whose sole desire is the performance of his duty" . It's just brings home the point. You can think of will as what you really want - seriously - as though you were going to die moments from now.

Will - fundamental to life - is that need to survive which is shared by all life. Even viruses I suppose. Our myth of will being 'free' and somehow under our 'control' is rationally unsupportable. It is wishful thinking conjured up by a species that does too much thinking for its own good. Of course, I speak for myself.

PS. scholar shmallar. Dead man's words, as Chuang Tzu said. Mystery transcends scholar's skill to convey. Words only obfuscate, including mine. Though they are valuable to help us connect with our brother and sisters, as I'm doing right now. Using words to say words are useless is useful. [chref=78]Straightforward words, Seem paradoxical.[/chref]

We must each find our own way. Hey, kind of like the Christian's 'born again' thing, without any "everybody's got to do it my way or go to hell aspect". :)


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    Outfoxed examines how media empires, led by Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, have been running a "race to the bottom" in television news. This film provides an in-depth look at Fox News and the dangers of ever-enlarging corporations taking control of the public's right to know. http://www.outfoxed.org/

    Thought you may be interested in this as Fox Misrepresented your family.
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    Yes and If you don't like FOX News Channel go to http://www.ihatefoxnews.cjb.net
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    Sad to say this 'race to the bottom' is not unusual. I liken it to drugs. I spent quite a few years in Asia years ago. During my time with the mountain people in Laos I noticed how, though they grew opium for a livelihood, very few smoked it - though certainly anyone could have. The same goes for Thailand, where you could buy a kilo of pot for a nickle or so... but, few Thai people smoked it. Why, with such an ample legal supply of these drugs did so few partake?

    The people by and large didn't need the kind of 'high' that these drugs give. The only drug they really seemed to enjoy was alcohol, which country people made and city people bought. My point, of course, is that it's our lust for crap than generates a supply of crap. The simple economics of supply and demand. Pointing our finger at the supplier is like shooting the messenger.

    Alas, it is us, it is us. But, thank you for your thoughts.
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    I just ran across this note I wrote before the full story came out. Talk about live and learn.
    [cite] Pre-airdate Carl:[/cite].......... is one of the best shows I've ever seen. Why? It gives the viewer a rather intimate window into the lives of human interaction at the family level. Any judgments a viewer makes will be, psychologically speaking, reflections of their own personal fears and expectations. For some this can be very educational, especially if they are open enough to see how it all relates to their family experience.
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    National Geopgraphic has a program i've not seen yet, but which sounds interesting -can't think of the name, but it has families from different cultures traveling and living among each other-an American family goes to an African village for instance.
    Natl Geo has always seemed to have a bit more intregrity than most of the other mass media magazines- wonder if this show rises above the usual reality schlock? Anyone seen it?
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    Carl, your initial views on Trading Spouses were the same as my own, prior to the revelations we all experienced last Monday evening. I also have really enjoyed Wifeswap (which was the original, before Fox "Stole" the idea). I wonder if Wifeswap is any truer to the process, since the producers claim to have started this out wanting it to be a true "experiment" which we as a society could learn from. I think I'll be watching both shows with a VERY critical eye, if I continue to watch at all.

    As Buddy said in another post, reality tv is best used purely for entertainment - and that's easy enough to do with shows like Survivor or Big Brother. Trading Spouses and Wifeswap really "get to me" on a more personal level, though, and I find myself unable to watch them just for entertainment. I FEEL FOR these families, despite my attempts not to, and in retrospect I now feel manipulated (in a way that I would not if I were to learn something in Survivor was rigged or phony). These shows SHOULD be about more than sheer entertainment value, and I think they indeed COULD be and still do well in the ratings.

    All that being said, I am glad for both shows, because I think they have opened people's eyes and caused some growth, despite the manipulations and deceipt committed by the makers of the shows. I am glad to have "met" the Loupe family last month through the show, and I look forward to meeting them in person sometime soon, as we live fairly nearby. Likewise, I feel blessed to have "met" the Abbotts, and I will continue to visit this site long after the Trading Spouses "buzz" dies down.

    Thanks for letting me ramble :wink:


    (by the way - I WAS a member of the site, but it's not letting me log in, so I'm here today as a guest)
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    yeah, i plan to stick around as long as I have questions about tao or whatever, and I always have ALOT of questions-funny how theres nobody on here thru the week, but after the 2 shows there's like 50 people on-but I hope they all stick around too and keep this site alive-and order CD's!
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