Yoga and 'reality'

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Yes and If you don't like FOX News Channel go to


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    It has been rumored that I have a problem with how new students attempt Yoga. This is particularly unhelpful. In fact, it is just the opposite, which if told truthfully might help some folks struggling with Yoga.

    I've taught Yoga occasionally over the past 45 years that I've been doing it. The predominate error I see people make is comparing themselves and others. This competitive approach is fine for sports. Yoga aims inward at something far deeper and mysterious. The 'sporty' approach misses that calling completely :!:

    How strong or flexible you are compared with others or your idealized self is irrelevant. The end you're seeking is balance, emotionally and physically. The path to the end comes through working sincerely (that's the yang or 'Ha' part) until you reach your individual limit through surrender letting go (that's the yin or 'Tha' part). Thus, Ha-tha Yoga is sincere effort using all the strength you can muster taken with utmost care and yielding until you reach your ultimate [chref=40]weakness[/chref].

    This is exactly what I have alway told students as they struggling with Yoga and worry that they are not flexible enough or doing it right.
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    This is Leslie Abbott.Yoga is a very personal journey. I have been doing it for years on and off. I have arthritis and it does help me. If I compare myself to someone else I know I am completely missing the point. When I do teach yoga we do it together. I always tell them that there is not a goal here. Everyone is different and just because someone is touching there elbows to the floor that doesn't mean they are better at Yoga. It is not about that. I am NEVER pushy, It's not my way.. We breathe and extend. Breathe and extend a little farther. Often doing yoga my mind chatter gets going and I find myself not present. If I breathe deeper my thoughts often fly away. It feels better too. As I'm getting older (51) I do it more and more for the meditation and for a daily giving. It doesn't cost any money and I can do it almost anywhere.
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    after talking to Kyle a few times about the editing, I am disappointed but not really surprised at how Fox edited and spliced your lines. I've seen many places that you and your family actually enjoyed the experience 99.5% of the time.

    If you remember any other examples of this editing, please post them so we can get further insights on how these shows are edited versus reality
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    I found your website today, and this is my first post. I am so happy that you shared this information with us. My husband and I noticed a few "shady" editing sequences from the previous family's show, and we have had an ongoing conversation about how "real" much of this actually is. Of course, how real is ANYTHING? But I digress...

    I found that one part of the show a little distressing, because that quote didn't seem compatible with your comments and personality as we perceived it from the rest of the show. Now I see why! I understand the "need" for creative editing in primetime tv, but that's taking it WAY too far in my opinion.

    Despite the deceptive editing, I enjoyed "part one" and found your family to be about as wonderful as they come. Your boys are an inspiration to me as the mother of young children, and I hope that my son and daughter will grow into young adults who are as intelligent, grounded, and delightful as your sons seem to be.

    I am happy to have found this site, not only because of Trading Spouses, but also because of my longtime interest in Taoism. I have not made a firm commitment to any religious path, but I am looking forward to learning more on your site and participating in some of the discussions.

    Thank you for sharing your lives with America - you have definitely enriched my own by doing so.

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    Hi Leslie! Although I knew that there would be editing (just from watching Judge Judy promos and seeing manipulation), I never knew they would go that far! And I only expected them to be in the promos! You must have signed something saying that you had no right to be represented accurately. (I bet you signed a lot of things!) Anyway, I think you are being too hard on yourself. You didn't come across badly, I didn't think. Perhaps I'm prejudiced because I know you, but you came across as a strong, confident woman.
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    One of my martial arts instructors makes a point of saying: "I'm not doing this (martial arts) to be better than anyone else, I'm doing this to be better than myself."
    Fits into what Carl said, I think...I detest competition, being judged or having to judge others. Just had a belt test this weekend, & many of these thoughts came to mind (I dislike tests, but they are neccesary to measure progress-unlike tournaments, which I truly detest and dont care if i'm ever in one again-those make me feel like a cow, and not a New Delhi cow, a Kansas City cow).
    Anyway, a couple more things the Master said at the test that struck me as true: he asked how many were happy, then how many were depressed. he then said both are just ego 'Get over it'. Luckliy I know enough to never raise my hand when he asks questions.
    He also said "how many are worried about what i'm thinking? He told those who raised their hands, "It's none of your business what I'm thinking, All you should worry about is what you're thinking."
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