chapter 66

Yeah, we make a Taoist pilgrimage to Vegas every year :roll: :wink: (sarcastic). I'll tell you the story of it.

Well, our grandma wanted to visit Vegas 'cause she went there many, many years ago and wanted to see what it looked like now. apparently it's changed a lot (and from what I've heard of the old Vegas, it sure has). We stayed in the Excalibur (I believe it's the cheapest (price wise) big hotel) and toured the other hotels. I saw the Cola museum but it looked like a gift shop.

I heard that one of the best bathrooms was in Vegas so I just had to see it! It was said to be at Terribles hotel/casino. We went there and while the bathroom was nice, it was no best bathroom! Apparently, the best bathroom is in the Terribles gas station! (marble sink, gold floors [I'm not sure about that], bathroom service at the touch of a button, the works!) I got kicked out when I was looking at grandma's gambling victory (won five dollars? Maybe that was in MGM Grand). The gas station was off the strip so I decided that a bathroom's a bathroom. . . But a bathroom with stalls so clean, you could drop cheese whiz and lick it off! (I'm serious. Clean as a whistle [that's what I heard at least) We left and the taxi driver got a kick out of my quest.

We went to a buffet at Terribles hotel/casino and woowee! They had everything. From bacon to baklava, rolls to rotisserie chicken, they had the works! I wanted to go to the buffet at Exalibur but nobody wanted to go 'cause one person didn't like it in the review.

It felt like we were there for a week even though we were there for a few days. If we go again, we would only go for a day. We didn't go for the gambling, that's for sure.

My favorite thing about the trip was the plane flight. We flew to to Las Angelas for the TS audition thingy and I enjoyed it just as much even though the view was covered with clouds.

Well, that's enough.


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    the people who judge Carl by the single tv appearance, and call him a control freak and worse, need to read this chapter-here he deals with this very issue-and also touches on his parenting style, which they also radically misunderstand..."Being King gives me the ability to love everything"-I first read this as 'lose' everything, and that gave me pause, but it fits too...
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    had to log off and back on...anyway, at work, i have the best days when i dont assume a position of power-I always keep control, of course, but in a quiet way...I make sure the kids know that i dont WANT the power, i want them to have it, to think and make decisions, that if i never have to say a word, thats fantastic...this is rare, but when it happens the day just it says, I'm king, but in small letters-still king, nonetheless...but I find staff who try to be 'KING' have the most out of control shifts. Generally they want to sit in the office and issue orders...I get out, walk among my people, talk to them, ask their opinions...and these are kids many of whom have never been talked to reasonably by an adult, certainly never had to think much past the next meal...
    not saying I'm perfect, certainly not, I can speak in a 'command presence voice' with the best of them, but man it's nice when i dont...
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