Tenshin Okakura

Here's some nice writings by Tenshin Okakura that I copied down while I was at his namesake museum on the Izura coast, Ibaraki, Japan. Tenshin, or Kakuzo, was a Japanese in the Meiji period who became an expert on Japanese art in the US. In his later years he retired to this scenic Izura coast to compose poetry, write, paint and drink tea. He is the author of the wonderful "Book of Tea" which I highly recommend. Unlike many other writings on the Japanese tea ceremony, Tenshin makes most explicit the tea ceremony's link to ....TAOISM. Tenshin loved China a lot and travelled there. There's even a picture of him in a Taoist robe...lol..

"All is said and done - nothing remains but to prepare contentedly for death. It is a vast void - not darkness but full of amazing light. It is an immense silence caused by overwhelming din of clashing thunder. I feel like a monarch sitting close in a great theatre and looking at a brilliant performance all by himself". - Tenshin, writing in English.
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