Christmas overkill

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Christmas is supposed to be a time to relax and take time to spend with family and friends, maybe reflect and meditate to get back in touch with our inner self. All of nature rests, waiting for spring.

I have the impression modern man pays a high price for some days of silence and rest. In the office, budget has to be consolidated, meetings held to write the performance review, an operational plan has to be made for the next year, achievements of past year have to be reviewed and Christmas cards send to assure our PR. December is more hectic then the rest of the year. What’s more it’s hectic without real results, just reports landing on someone’s desk.

In the city, Christmas spirit is everywhere. There is tons of nice stuff in special packages and Christmas music everywhere. Everywhere where you look, you see fake snow and Christmas toys like dancing Santa’s or singing reindeer. Around the 20th of December, I’m already fed up with the jingles and with bells. I want to start smashing Santa in the snow, so I can have at least one silent night. :twisted:

It seems to me we are so trying to have a perfect winter festival that we miss the point. What's the point having a holiday if you kill yourself at work in the weeks before it? :-(

Signed the Gringe
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