Hello there,
thought id be so bold as to take a flying leap head first into the very still and calm water features settling in the newley designed Tao Lounge.
Anyone else fancy a dip? its just fun in here.
I went swimming yesterday. T'was my birthday and i was taken to a great waterslide place. I wouldnt have thought of that for myself at all but i had such fun it was wonderful.
It was very interesting to see how the very reserved, not smiling, image conscious people i saw on the way in would seeming have a totally different degree of inhibitions once in the watery setting. Our social instincts and their various 'un-written' rules are a real source of fascination for me. People holding their expensively styled hair in place from the wind as they walk from the car park... giv them a pool and inflatable banana and of their own accord they're thrashing around like happy seals.

So com on, get ya kit off and plop in for a splash...


  • Hello my friend, :-)
    I too am gradually getting used to this new and modern place. The forum's old look was comfortable, like an old shoe. Not that I know any more what shoes feel like, old or new. And thanks for posting this. I was wondering if something site-wise was broken.

    Isn't it a bit chilly over there to be swimming now? We use to take the kids when they were kids. Actually jumping in the ocean here (almost a daily routine now) can be quite exciting - especially in winter... wave-wise. Sometimes there will be a sea lion just off shore, but when we jump it to meet up off it goes.

    Your observation on the reserved people rings a bell. Years ago I remember all of a sudden walking down the street and becoming aware of that. Of course we evolved to related to a few dozen people, not hundreds or thousands, so we need a lot of social protocol to feel safe. It is interesting how we can let go like "happy seals" - parades, dances, ball games, swimming pools. I suppose the spontaneous atmosphere there overwhelms the social fear we'd otherwise feel.

    A big garden day today. Planting winter vegies and cleaning up. So, bed time now... and just when you'll be getting up I expect.
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