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[cite] The About Us Page:[/cite]We offer the following slices of our personal history with music in the chance that it may help you with your own musical path.

'Papa' (Carl Abbott) brings up the rear when it comes to innate musical talent; neither was music a part of his upbringing. While his folks did play in their early days, the 'pace of life' after the kids came shoved music out of the picture. Moreover, he was raised, as most 20th century children, to be independent, and music wasn't necessary for independence and success. With no reason to stay, his 'independent' upbringing lead him to travel and live abroad for the next 15 years.

Early on Carl was inspired to play music by various encounters with fellow travelers who could. His efforts in this came to no avail, despite numerous attempts to learn the banjo, guitar, fiddle and mandolin. Why? Without a doubt, trying too hard and trying to do it alone.

'Mama' (Leslie Abbott) experienced a similar series of unsatisfying attempts at music, gave up and resigned herself to listening to others make music. Then came their kids, Luke and Kyle.

Carl, with still an ember of hope alive, figured his musical quest might pan out if they all did music together as a 'family duty'. As soon as the kids could toddle, 'Gema' (Carl's mom) began coming over on Saturdays to help make music a family tradition. A few years later, they bought new instruments for the boys: a banjo for Luke and a mandolin for Kyle, which was just right for a seven-year-old's hands.

The kids have never had music lessons, so how did they learn without a teacher? Well, frankly, they had 'teachers', many teachers. The boys listened and observed folks playing music at bluegrass jams and festivals. When you think about it, it's not surprising that the kids picked up music so naturally. That's also how they learned to speak!

The most wonderful part of this is how the kids taught their parents how to approach music intuitively, not by what they said, but by their actions. The ToneWay Music Method presented here arises out of a child's intuitive grasp of the "roots", together with a father's passion to 'draw' those "roots" out of him and write them down. Finally, at 60, Papa can sing, play and ENJOY! Mama loves to sing harmony and feels blessed that the bonds between the family, and friends, are strengthened through the old-time music tradition.

We hope that playing music can bring you as much joy as it has to us!

The Abbotts


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    as if there weren't enuf already on that 'Wandering Taoists ring' for me to check out, my 'guru' sends me a couple more: &
    Both worth a look see.
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