The choices we make aren't chosen

It's all a big conundrum. The Buddha taught letting go of attachment to end suffering. Not for any other reason I'm aware of, i.e., suffering/bad, pleasure/good. If you are you okay with suffering, then go ahead and stay attached. But if you're okay with suffering, you've already let go quite a bit, haven't you?

Another conundrum with the Tao. Once you speak about it, you're no longer talking about it. It's an easy trump card to play. So here in our little internet community where we can vent stuff that's been spinning in our little heads (that's what it's like in mine, anyway), we agree we're not going to play that card.


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    I think this sums up the topic of free will pretty concisely...
    The choices we make aren't chosen.

    ...don't you?
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    no free will [ 1 ] vs free will [ 0 ]

    it was chosen for us to live in this way.

    otherwise why is it that even with same sand I can play in my box and someone has to play in on a beach?

    This is a very special treat for Luke, hehehe~



    I cried when I was learning this, From this day on I knew my perception was a lie and there is no free will /choice.

    kudos for everyone~
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