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There's a good follow up show idea: the 2 families together...I'd love to see the Lowe daughter sleeping on the floor...and Carl with 4 bathrooms to choose from...


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    Dear Abbots,
    I don't usually write people I haven't met, but I saw you guys on TV and I thought you might be interrested in learning of a wonderful camp (tho I suppose you might have heard of it already).
    It's called Not Back To School Camp. There's alot of amazing people, plenty of music to share, plenty of barefootedness. The attendees are mostly homeschooled and the meals are vegetarian and mostly organic.
    If you want to learn more go to They have a great website.
    The camp is directed by a wonderful woman named Grace Llewellen. She's written some interresting books, including the Teenage Liberation Handbook
    I've gone to camp three years in row, and I 'm going back.
    Hope to see you there.
    Love, Crystal
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