'New' information

Hooray P-cola! :lol:

Hey, thanks for your thoughts on the subject. I think you're right, I do need to just listen... to the non-words that come to me. Thinking too much is, after all, what seems to always get me in trouble.

You talked about finding the way rather than considering it. I think that was very well said, and it really struck a chord with me. It takes a lot of work, of course... to keep oneself from thinking too much. Especially people with busy or worried minds. But I think as I find balance, those nagging worries will subside.

I found a lot of peace yesterday as I was working out my emotions, reading the TTC... maybe unconsciously knowing that worry begets calmness, and that if I let go of striving for both (or either), the balance would fall into place. :)


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    'New' information

    So… being not separate from Nature means that all the things that 'we do' are reactions that fear has pushed us into or need has pulled us towards; both of which are Nature's course and not 'our intervention.'


    So what of new information?
    I reckon it goes something like this:
    Aware of it or not we follow our strongest need... but oh look at this.. didnt know they were so tasty..
    and if im more drawn to that, then naturally my strongest need has 'changed.' - oh how c[chref=18]l[/chref]ever I feel when I 'learn' or spot something 'extra' :wink:
    Maybe thats w[chref=73]h[/chref]y I like lectures or documentaries, convincing and thought provoking all neatly packaged in a eloquent colourful box.
    I want some 'better' way to reveal itself to me. This new information will entice me to know/do something 'better.'
    However, the 'better' that im really instinctively looking for is a 'healthier' and 'tastier' one. - the 'need' hasnt changed, just the subject matter.
    Our hunter gatherer instincts will make sure i keep roaming for that illusive pot of gold.
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    [cite] TheNowSeeker:[/cite]Our hunter gatherer instincts will make sure i keep roaming for that illusive pot of gold.
    Oh Lordy, ain't that the truth. Of course, our instinct of curiosity plays a big role as well, getting us to taste that 'interesting' thing, or see what is beyond the next hill. That instinct is an essential part of hunt and gather. Curiously, I find that as fear and need wane, curiosity waxes. Kind of like nature's way of driving me to find my 'limit' vis-a-vis fear and need. Oh Nature, what a master puppeteer she is.
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