Republican, Democrat or Taoist?

Hi Mr.Minor and welcome!

I have had all kinds of experiences meditating...been doing it for a while...but I was taught to label them "thinking" and go back to watching the breath. In other words, I was taught not to pay attention or give energy to these kinds of thoughts. Let them pass like the clouds overhead and go back to your object of focus.

I hope that helps.


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    Republican, Democrat or Taoist?
    Can a person have a Taoist [chref=24]point of view[/chref] and still belong to a political party? That's a tough one to pull off I suspect, but it should be possible if we can maintain [chref=16]impartiality[/chref] at some level. Considering the fact that we are emotionally biased, biologically speaking, some of us will prefer 'chocolate' and others 'vanilla'. The difficulty arises when we think that one is actually better than the other. When our emotions own our mind so completely we can't help but [chref=24]consider ourselves right[/chref].
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