words smell

[cite] Lynn Cornish:[/cite]
rage! fear! lust! etc, in their extreme ( Exclamation ) is virtually thought-less. At these time primordial biology is fully engaged... all systems are go, go, go.
Not in my experience. Rage especially is crowded with thoughts....thoughts of vengeance, self-justification, all kinds of ego protective thoughts.
Perhaps you have not been fully engaged in rage or in fear. The few times I have, I had no 'time' to think. Intense 'fight or flight' emotion returns us to our instinctive animal nature. "Thoughts of vengeance" etc., come afterward when the heat of the battle has cooled some.
Well, perhaps you (never present) are and just 'think' you are not. The illusion is an illusion... perhaps. That just goes to show how powerful myth is!
You're just trying to freak me out.
I don't know how else to 'thing outside the box'.
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    Words Smell
    Taoism discounts the value of words ([chref=2] words[/chref], [chref=23]words[/chref], [chref=70]words[/chref], [chref=81]words[/chref]). But perhaps that applies only to their value for [chref=10]knowing[/chref] and [chref=43]understanding[/chref]. From a zoological point of view, words are essentially social tools. Take the word 'God' for example. For a believers in God, the words helps link them under the same tribal banner. For atheist, the idea of 'no God' helps link them under a shared tribal banner. Words are for us as odor is for dogs - sniff sniff. The words for which we share a mutual 'understanding' connect us. The odd thing is that the understanding is deeper than the words, though we fail to understand that. Why? Words don't impart understanding, they only shadow it, reflect it, symbolize it... give voice to it. But, we discount any perception that can't be 'understood' in some way with words. :? Doesn't total bilingualism (bilinguality) demonstrates how understanding transcends words? Thus, to deepen [chref=43]understand[/chref], trust words less.
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