Chimpanzees Also Belong to the Good Samaritan Club

If the Tao is everywhere then it is in this Forum as much as anywhere else.

I would have thought that, unless you've reached a stage where you are always in harmony with the Tao, there will be times where, despite how far you've travelled on your path, you might benefit from a different perspective - whether another's perspective answers your question or just helps you to be certain that the answers you already have are the ones you need. Also, sometimes just the act of formulating your thoughts for a post can help you progress.

Unless you believe that the only wisdom worth knowing is that written over 2000 years ago, there's as much chance of some turning up here as anywhere else :)


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    Ah ha! Yet another nail in the coffin of one of humanity’s most cherished illusions, free will. No wonder fundamentalist 'species centric' personalities of every stripe (be they religious or science based) hate science.! Now we find that chimpanzees also belong to the Good Samaritan club.

    * See the essay on free will.
    * See the other Science New article reporting on a species other than Homo sapiens with a sense of fairness.
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    Here are some interesting behaviors I've seen being around dogs.

    My cat Alice had kittens in a low dresser drawer. Her friend Shad the german sheppard would lie by the drawer and every time a kitten climbed out he would gently pick it up and place in back in the drawer.

    Alex the dog kept trying to get my attention....there was something on the rug. Finally he picked it up in his mouth and gave it to me. It was the goldfish who had jumped out of its bowl. The fish was unharmed.

    Alex likes fuzzy toys. Sidney likes the ball. When Sid steals Alex's toy, Alex will find a ball and trade with Sid. Sid drops Alex's stuffed animal and takes the ball. (This was when Sid could still see.)

    Sid is blind but still insists on playing fetch. When he can't find the ball, Eddie reluctantly gets up, slowly retrieves the ball, and drops it at Sid's feet. (Sid still has trouble finding it.)

    I'm sure I could think of more, but I'm getting tired of typing.
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