I would like to introduce myself

"Mysteriously, wonderfully, I bid farewell to what goes, I greet what comes; for what comes cannot be denied, what goes cannot be detained."

"Perfect Yin is stern and frigid; Perfect Yang is bright and glittering.
The sterness and frigidty come forth from heaven, the brightness and glitter emerge from the earth; the two mingle, penetrate, come together, harmonize, and all things are born therefrom."

Chuang Tzu explined how Tao seeks out and moves through the 'empty spaces of life, seemingly without effort, with this example: there was a butcher whose cleaver never got dull. When pressed for his secret, he explained: "Between the bones of every joint there is always some space, otherwise there could be no movement. By seeking out this space and passing through it my cleaver lays wide the bones without touching them."


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    Hello to all... I am a mother to four inventive and inquisitive children. My partner (David) and I are their principal educational, spiritual and emotional role models. We moved to Tucson, Arizona from Oregon a year and a half ago, so we have all experienced an immense change in our surroundings. We have found this new home to be quite an adventure while acclimating. David's mother unfortunately is seriously ill will cancer of the liver as well as many other physical ailments. We made a choice as a family to leave Oregon in order to care for MOM here in Arizona where she already had been for several years. We have been excited to see her gain as of today... 30lbs and also continue to improve with her other symtoms. I have been a practioner of herbal medicine for most of my life. My Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother passed down to me the wisdom and intuitiveness to use plants, herbs, roots, etc... in order to keep our bodies and minds well without side effects. This is an art that I am also teaching my own children.
    I saw the commercial for your family's appearence on "Trading Spouses" and decided that it would be an affirmative example for our children to compare to our lifestyle. Many times, of course, society can and will cause children especially to question the values which are being taught at home... The "haves" and "have nots" are so pronounced in Western culture. To receive joy in simple tasks and to be thoughtful in our words and actions is a life-long commitment that will disperse over time and space. We are not practicing Taoism, but I would certainly concur in the philosophy that is manifested in its custom. My partner lived in and near Japan for several years. He has blessed us all with his leadership and experience. I have adopted many of the beliefs and practices from him... as well as the experience from my own journy. Our children are accustomed to a home filled with harmony, charity, and knowledge. I have to commend your family for conveying a most positive message to all who watched the show last night.

    Blessings to the Abbott family! :yy:
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    shes from salem just like me-freaky...Salem's a good place to be FROM...
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