How To Select Digital Photo Frames

If you are in the market for a digital photo frame for yourself or as a gift, try to think of how the frame will be used most of the time when you are looking at the different models. For example, if you simply want a way to display your favorite group of family photos, then you can bypass a lot of the advanced features that come with some of the more expensive products. The number one most important feature for most shoppers is the quality of the photo display. Some of the cheaper digital frames will have a low screen resolution, which may not give you as sharp a photo as you would like. If you do not require some of the more advanced features, I would recommend putting your dollars into getting a higher resolution.
Another decision that you will need to make is the size of the frame itself. While you can buy key chain size and mini photo frames, the most common size is a 7 inch. You can find models all the way up to 17 inches. The width is measured across the diagonal, just like TV screen sizes. You will also have to choose a display screen ratio, which is the ratio between the width and height measurement. Many frames will have a 4:3 ratio, which is will display most photos without distortion. You will also see 15:9 or 16:9 ratios, which will display photos in a widescreen format. If you like a widescreen TV, you will probably like a digital frame with the same display ratio standard size picture frames.
There are many other features included with some of the higher prices frames. Browsing the internet, wireless transfer of photos and MP3 playback are just a few of the many options that are available today on digital photo frames. Some people even use their devices to read email and text messages. It's almost like having another computer monitor at your disposal. You can also select a frame that has internal memory to store your photos or frames that will allow you to edit the pictures to reduce red eye or adjust the contrast. If you are feeling overwhelmed about purchasing a digital photo frame. It may be a good idea to jot down which features are the most important to you and then use this list of priorities to find a good fit within your budget.
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