The Easiest Way To Find iTunes Album Artwork

Many PC users seem to always have the album cover art some sort of problems with iTunes and sometimes even owners of Macs will encounter these same difficulties. One of the biggest problems with iTunes is it doesn't allow users to easily find iTunes album artwork that is missing from their music libraries. This can be extremely frustrating when you see iPod commercials displaying iPods all the time full of album artwork and yours is full of blanks. I think iTunes purposely makes it difficult to find album artwork so people will buy more songs from the iTunes store instead of downloading them. Fortunately there is a way to find iTunes album artwork for music that you have not purchased from the iTunes store.

There is a program called Tidysongs that can actually find missing iTunes album artwork for you with a click of a button, and that's not all. If you have songs in your library that are missing names all together or are just mislabeled, or even duplicates, Tidy can automatically fix all of the information without any hassle. In the past most people would just manually rename their songs and albums by clicking edit on each individual song and typing in the correct information. This can be an extremely tedious and time consuming task, especially for people with rather large music collections. But the one thing that people can't do manually is find album artwork and fully complete their iTunes collection. Luckily Tidysongs has the capability of matching all of your songs with the appropriate album art almost instantly.
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