Thinking. Taoist Style.

Here?s my question... It appears to me that myth is comforting. So, is ignorance bliss overall? For example, if you had just a few days, months, or years to live, would you prefer the doctor to keep you in ignorance with the illusion that you were going to be fine? Or would it be preferable, overall, to see things as they are, and adapt or adjust as best you could. MMmmm?


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    The Taoist Way of thinking is by thinking in a Taoist frame of mind. Simple as that. What's odd is that since we social animals don't think, how can we think Taoist style if we don't think? Maybe the Taoist way thinking is thinkingless thinking (similar to actionless action). What a quandry! :roll:
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    Hey Tao Nut,

    Well, at first I thought you were just making things complicated just for the sake of complication, which makes your post somewhat silly. However, I did find this passage interesting:
    [cite] Tao Nut:[/cite]. . . since we social animals don't think . . .

    My first question is, what does being a social animal have to do with us not thinking? But more importantly, what do you mean by not thinking? This notion is tossed around a lot, but it can be used both ways, even in our family's "philosophical" discussions (which I'm sure you're familiar with, since, well . . . you're my brother! :lol: ).

    One moment we'll talk about the notion of "humans think while animals don't, because humans use words" -- in other words, thinking implies using language. The next moment we'll be talking about how "we humans think we're creatures of logic, when we're really creatures of emotion" and all the implications that go with that.

    So there are two ways to think about thinking. What do you think about that? Shouldn't we clarify what we mean when we talk about thinking?

    Just a thought. :wink:
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    Well, we are social animals so I just thought I'd say that for added impact. It doesn't have much anything to do with my main point.

    The reason we say "we think and animals don't" is because we are insecure and we need to say we are great so we can feel secure and a balance. I have heard this several times with people (I.e. we are smarter than chickens). The more secure you are, the more you can face facts. Of course, if you used the power of Free Will+10hp to get rid of desires, that would be pretty easy. :wink:

    - A true Ninja is free of desires and therefor is able to see reality - Hatsumi Masaaki
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    I really like the statements about insecurity. Animals think about feeding, breeding, sleeping-man really doesnt think about much more than that. 'Being secure mean being able to face facts', but what are facts? Just a collective popular belief...reminds me of Lily Tomlin's statement "Reality is just a collective hunch'.
    man, you guys are really making me think tonight (or maybe 'not think')...
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