Travel Paradise In Maldives

Maldives is an archipelago known as the paradise best time to go to maldives for the travelers. Pristine nature, clean air and the sea you can enjoy on white-sand beaches are together attracting masses of leisure-loving tourists.

The Maldives are well known for their spa resorts, each with its own unique world, surrounded by pristine golden sands. This is the place 'on the edge of the world,' where there is no noise of cities and of European civilization, where one faces just the exotic nature and endless expanses of the ocean. Numerous underwater coral caves extend around the Maldives archipelago, and lush tropical vegetation creates a pristine and unique beauty of the islands. A tour around the islands offers morning and evening fishing, rowing in the glass bottom boat, helicopter flights, scuba diving, water safari and various ways of entertainment.

The standard list of excursions offered in every hotel here includes a tour to the capital, Male, where one will probably pay a visit to historical monuments, the Islamic Center, the National Museum and some other places.

The nature has given the Maldives surprising charm. The coral atolls, that make up the Maldives archipelago, are one of the most beautiful places on earth and attract travelers from around the world. The Maldives are admired for unusually clean white sandy beaches, green mangroves and coconut palms, the azure blue ocean, sparkling in the sun. It is an unforgettable world of coral islands, many of which are uninhabited. The dream of visiting such islands captivates tourists and gives them a chance to feel like the hero of Daniel Defoe's novel.
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