Land Surveying

We need to conduct a land survey. We need to determine the actual location and actual area of the land. You can order a company that provides such services, but I read that if you use a UAV for this, you can do everything yourself.


  • You're right, this procedure can be done by yourself, it should not cause you problems. But it is very difficult to find a UAV that can be used in a particular case.
  • I thought I could get help finding a store where I could find such UAVs. Or are they only available to order? And I would also like to be able to control them myself.
  • Controlling UAVs is very difficult, especially the ones provided in stores. You will need to learn how to take off and land these UAVs first. Only then do you need to buy them. My advice to you is to buy a UAV from Culver Aviation's. With their menatir system, you can use the UAV as you like. You can do your own Land Surveying without having to use an outside company.
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