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Lynn I love your analogy of the straight line and the dots. " Mr. Sweeney said that a straight line is just a series of individual dots." If you take any two dots next to each other, there is still an infinite number of dots between them, wow! What an illusion that gives us the "feeling" or experience that we understand what is going on. Geometry especially is so eloquent and precise. In addition, Science is slowly finding out that there is a connection a wholeness between our psyche and matter.

I agree with you that being in the NOW, time does not exist.


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    Disclaimer: Most analogies fail the moment after they are said, but serve as a vehicle at least for the duration of its own one way trip. - there is always a stage deeper, and another, and another… but feel free to add, discuss or destroy.

    We are born into a civilisation we are not ready for.
    Like fish out of water, we are people in the ocean.
    Thrown around by the tide, even the limited amount of ‘control’ we have as to our course (analogical swimming) really is wishful thinking.

    There we all are.
    We cant change it, we’re just all struggling to stay alive.

    Some people find themselves more equipped than others.
    A plank of drift wood one happens upon.
    Some just cling to it. That’s their focus, that’s it.

    Some have hold and this gives them the illusion of a bolstered ability to control their situation and use up all the energy they have kicking against the waves trying to force their direction.
    With those guys, one of two things happen:

    1) They completely wear themselves out and eventually realise the futility of the battle, accept their lot in life, and continue floating about with the others,

    2) They turn around.

    In their efforts to bring themselves in line with what nature might be doing, its pace and its direction….
    a moment of synchronicity takes place and.. wwhHHooAAaa!!!!! We're Surfing!!

    These moments may be fleeting and they still dont change the fact that we are not in control...
    but it's [chref=11]something[/chref], some kind of connection. (with that which we feel we have lost)
    To paraphrase chapter 11... What we gain is 'feeling we are in control' , but it is only by virtue of 'not being in control'.. that we are able to ride the waves,
    which makes our unavoidable spluttering about kinda fun. :P
    (do you approve with that paraphrase Carl? Lynn?)

    Some people are drawn to surf.
    Some people are not.
    Some people wish they were drawn to surf,
    but not enough to make them turn around and start kicking with it, (ie effort) despite the screaming instincts to fight against it.
    Some people are surfing, but look around at others doing it 'cooler' and subsequently think that they are not doing it properly and miss the fun.

    Either way, we cant choose to want to surf, and it doesn’t even 'change' anything anyhow if we do, (true words are not [chref=81]beautiful[/chref] n'all)
    It’s all natural !
    (or is that just a constant that can be named? ... splutter)
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    Your analogy reads so well that I can find nothing to quibble with. Hmm,... perhaps if I tried harder?... :wink:
    [cite] TheNowSeeker:[/cite]
    (1)...a moment of synchronicity takes place and.. wwhHHooAAaa!!!!! We're Surfing!! These moments may be fleeting...

    (2) It’s all natural! (or is that just a constant that can be named? ... splutter)
    The paraphrase works fine. I might only generalize it further by saying, [chref=11]Thus what we gain is 'control', yet it is by virtue of 'surrender' that this can be put to use.[/chref] In practical terms, I find that the more I surrender to the [chref=51]circumstances[/chref] I'm faced with at any moment, the better can [chref=64]deal with[/chref] them.

    (1) About 30 years ago, I experienced a distinct increase in "synchronicity". Looking back I've concluded that my expectations and pre-conceptions were blinding me to what is an omni present "synchronicity". When my envelope of expectations and pre-conceptions collapsed, I sense "synchronicity". And when this 'envelope' reconstituted itself, I was blinded again. Put another way, the noise of expectations and preconceptions drowns out the [chref=5]silence[/chref] of "synchronicity".

    Fast forward to the present,... Now a days I notice no "synchronicity". I suppose it happens this way: The awakening perception of "synchronicity" is only noticeable by a previous paucity of that awareness. As we become more aware of "synchronicity", the awareness of "synchronicity" slip back into [chref=14]that which is without substance[/chref]. And we are back where we began, [chref=52]holding fast to the mother[/chref]. Simply put: it is not having that makes having so exciting; it is having that makes not having so peaceful. We can't win, and that is why we might as well [chref=61]take the lower position[/chref]. It is ironic! (I'm still waiting for my sense of irony to fade, though perhaps it won't due to the constant tug-of-war between my instinct and observation).

    (2) The same principle above applies to "It's all natural". So, yes "natural" is "just a constant that can be named". If all is natural, then natural loses its meaning, which in the end [chref=5] leads inevitably to silence[/chref]. So in the end, all the words we use to [chref=71]think[/chref] and [chref=56]speak[/chref] are relative and tentative. In my book, all we need do to avoid difficulty is to be [chref=71]alive to[/chref] this. This makes it much easier to hear the [chref=25]silent and void[/chref].

    There! Not really quibbling, but that's the best I can do. Must keep the lips a flappin'.
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    I've got nothing to add but I did want to say that this thread really hit the spot.
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