Why Do You Need to Match Colors on Custom Product Boxes?

Customers often ordered and received a product in a particular color online and found it to be different from what they expected. The purpose of color matching is to prevent this type of incident that will disappoint your customers. Matching the colors is the most important concept when designing custom product boxes. Color matching is basically the process of matching one color to another. In this post, we will discuss the importance of matching the colors properly when designing your boxes.

Why Is Color Matching Necessary for Product Boxes?

A computer monitor uses a different color model than your printer and requires color matching. Accordingly, a computer uses the RGB color model. This model combines red, green, and blue to create an image on a black screen.
However, a printer is likely using the CMYK model. This color model combines cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to create an image on white paper. While this doesn't seem like a huge difference in many scenarios, it can have a big impact on your brand's product boxes.

What Factors Influence the Color-Matching Process On Product Packaging Boxes?

Color matching can be very accurate when done correctly. On the other hand, some factors can still influence the color-matching process on product packaging boxes. What are they?
• The Printing Methods You Use
We know that there are different printing methods. Of course, these different printing methods can cause colors to look different.
For example, digital printing superimposes color combinations in tiny dots. These dots are not always clearly visible, but they are still present. Thus, you will find some space for variation in this highly complex process.
• The Packaging Materials of Your Wholesale Product Boxes
Different types of packaging materials can also impact the color-matching process. For example, we all know that kraft paper is made from recycled materials. However, this material is not colored. Instead, it remains a natural brown color. As you are working with a brown base instead of a white base, the colors may not display intensely on your wholesale Custom Product Boxes .
As such, using kraft paper can alter certain colors, such as browns, greens, and oranges. This will result in colors that can look very different from what you see on white paper. But keep in mind that using white ink is generally not possible as it does not display very well.
• The Finishing Effect You Choose for Custom Printed Product Boxes
Your custom printed product boxes can be coated or uncoated. A coated finish will give a glossy look. Meanwhile, an uncoated finish will give a matte finish. When printing on uncoated surfaces, the ink may be absorbed by the material and appear dark. On the other hand, when printing on a coated surface, the ink stays on the material and usually looks more vivid and accurate.
• The Lighting
Finally, lighting can influence your ability to get an accurate color match. How?
Let's have a look at painting a house, for example. You must have seen how they draw patterns on different walls with some different lights. Eventually, they look at them in multiple places throughout the day.
Well, the same rules apply when it comes to matching the colors on your boxes. Different types of lighting can produce different hints in a given color. Thus, you need to make sure you have the brightest yet natural light to create the most accurate color match on the boxes.

Wrapping Up

Indeed, matching the colors is the most important concept when it comes to designing custom product boxes. After all, the color of your boxes will define your product quality and brand image at the same time. To design your boxes properly, you can trust the experts at CustomProductBoxes
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