Is Good Always Good For You?

"....perhaps words are life-rafts of consciousness, and we're terrified to let go." This is an interesting point, if we go back about 10,000 years ago we did not have so many fancy words to represent reality, we were just in the NOW, and it surely was not a simple life to live. The main problem was to survive, there was no leisure time to philosophize etc. Today we have all kinds of time to wonder and philosophize etc., perhaps too much time. Now that leads me to another interesting point, does time really exist? I do not think so. It is another word, concept, utilized to try to understand reality. :wink:


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    I taught conversational English to the Japanese for some years. Once I asked my students if Mochi, a glutinous white rice cake, was good for a person. Was it a healthy food. "Very healthy" they would all say. "How do you know it is good for you?", I'd ask. "Because it tastes good", they'd say.

    The only time 'good' was always good for us was when we lived within Nature's limits. The instincts we inherit, like a love for rich food, evolved to drive healthy survival responses in the wild. Civilization has skewed things considerably by circumventing Nature's limits. It is ironic that we blame our original animal nature - "Don't be an animal!", we say - rather than the true cause - civilization.

    Now, go enjoy that turkey and all the fixins! :D
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