chapter 80

Since my names not on these boards enuf (LOL) thought I'd add one more thread: what do you all read, when your nose isn't buried in the tao te ching and such?
As with music, I have widely varying tastes in books and authors. I always have several dozen by my bedside, some for years at a time before I get to them. I'm at the library almost everyday. I'm addicted.
My kid and I read nightly, and I've read all the Harry Potter books out loud to him at bedtime last few months (I do a great 'Hagrid'). We're almost done with #5, then we'll probably try 'Peter Pan'. I dont believe theres a difference between kid & adult lit-a good book is a good book.
I like Biographys (just read Robert Caro's 'Robert Moses'-best political book i've ever read). Andrew Birkin's 'JM Barrie & the Lost Boys' (speaking of Peter Pan), Tim McLaurin's 'Keeper of the Moon', Kathleen Finneran's 'the tender land' (heartbreaking)- David Sedaris and Bill Bryson are the 2 funniest writers working today, and Mark Twains the best all time.
Some fiction: Tim Mclaurin, John Mortimer's Rumpole books, Alexander McCall Smith's #1 ladies detective agency books are brilliant. Dennis Cooper (creepy)-I cant stand Stephen King.
Currently reading Christopher Moore, a twisted humorist. Short stories are my favorite all time: Flannery O'Conner, Raymond Carver, JD Salinger. Poetry-John Berryman's Dreamsongs (read them out loud for the best effect) Allen Ginsberg (love all the beats-Jack Keroauc!), Rilke, Auden...
Whew! I promise I won't make a list of my favorite foods. Now, whats on your nightstand?


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    Reminds me of (alot of things remind me of a lot of things) the Mama Cass song with the lyrics "play your own kind of music, sing your own kind of song, even if nobodys else sings along..."
    I too distrust being content, or 'happy' (a great quote form the movie 'Tender Mercies' (I collect quotes-can you tell? it's easier than thinking for myself) Robert Duvall says "I dont trust happiness. never have. never will.")... I also like () & ..., but I digress
    I'm often the only one around acting or speaking or feeling as i do, and I start to think i'm wrong. Well, I might be different, or even strange, but I'm not wrong-the people buzzing around me have other concerns than i do, and to me lesser concerns. They're worried about whats for lunch, or if they can go snowboarding after work-well, good for them, but I dont need these thoughts. Lunch will happen, and I wouldnt go snowboarding if you bought me a mountain...
    And when i make the mistake of believing they're even noticing me, then i really feel ashamed. This happens when i go in public barefoot. My god, I think, everyones probably looking at my feet-well, they dont-unless they have a foot fetish they dont notice feet anymore than I do. Ego, fear of standing apart from the crowd, these will set you back, and keep contentment at bay.
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