How To Finance Land For Sale In Arkansas

For a really long time I have been much attracted by the idea of owning or riding or anything related to horses. I always thought about how wonderful it would be to look in my back yard and to be able to see horses running about freely. The bad thing is I didn't really have enough money to fulfil this dream.
There was not only one time when we've tried to get the bank to loan us some money for really small lots in Arkansas which were destined for big animals. The bank demanded us to pay down 50% of the value of the land as down payment when we found land for sale in Arkansas that we could actually afford and this would have happened only if we got accepted for the loan.
But as my husband was surfing the Internet one day, he found a deal which was really incredible. Some guy called Michael Long from Portland in Arkansas was dealing with really small undeveloped parcels of land in the south of Arkansas. He was selling the cheap land for just $12,000 and he was functioning as his own personal bank which means that we got the loan from him. He was demanding for a down payment of course but only of $500 and he only asked for $150 every month for the land arkansas land for sale no credit check.
We later found out the land he was selling was residential and that we could build a house on it. Also, the land permitted you to raise any kind of large animals. My dream of having my own horse ranch was becoming real. This guy has about 30 lots of land from which you can choose. He told us that some people didn't know how the land looked like when they bought it and if they didn't like it in the end he could put the money they had given him in a more desirable parcel of land.
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