Sword devouring

The location of the window reserved by Biyun Sword Sect is in a hidden hole deep in the plain. Before and after arriving, Hen Tian and several other sword emperors of the same trade injected energy into the window at the same time, which opened the window. When the window opened, a dark hole with a depth of tens of meters appeared on the flat ground. When the hole was changed, Hentian said, "Elder Yin, since the other exit of the window is in the forbidden place of Biyun Sword Sect, please follow me and let me leave first." Ye Feng did not raise any objection to the idea of hating heaven carefully. After seeing Hentian jump into the black cave, Ye Feng immediately jumped into the cave. After Ye Feng and the small beast left, the Warcraft in the space of the beast spirit sent out bursts of roars. These Warcraft are very clear, this time the beast emperor leaves, next time does not know when can come back. They can only use the roar to pray for the safety of the beast emperor, hoping that the beast emperor will live smoothly in the outside world. After Ye Feng and Hentian, all the disciples of Biyun Sword Sect entered the cave. After the last disciple of Biyun Sword Sect entered, the dark cave closed slowly, and finally there was no trace left. In the middle of Jin Ao country, Biyun Mountain. Every day at noon, Yang Yunfeng, the suzerain of the Biyun Sword Sect, would arrive at the forbidden area behind the mountain on time. For five days in a row, Yang Yunfeng could not help but feel deeply worried when he saw no response from the windows in the forbidden area. Yang Yunfeng felt a burst of chagrin at the thought that the elite disciples of the Sword Sect, headed by Hen Tian, had entered the space of animal spirits for more than half a month, but still did not come out. There are three four-level sword kings and two hundred elite disciples above the five-level sword king. Even a giant like Biyun Sword Sect can't afford to lose so many disciples at one time. Originally, sending people into the space of the beast spirit this time should not be led by Hentian. It was Yang Yunfeng who,shuttle rack system, with his own strength, fought against the public opinion, which won this opportunity for his most appreciated hatred of heaven. In Yang Yunfeng's mind, if Hentian led the team to obtain the number of Warcraft crystal nuclei in previous years, it would be a great achievement. At that time, he arranged Hentian to enter the Sword Skills Hall of Biyun Sword Sect to receive special training, which naturally became a legitimate thing. However, Yang Yunfeng never thought that his wishful thinking had failed. Half a month passed in a flash, but there was no news in the space of the beast spirit, which gave him a sense of foreboding. Every time he heard that the elders who did not appreciate the hatred of heaven, but always used the hatred of heaven to compete with him, sent out bursts of complaints, and even threatened that the people who hated heaven had died in the space of animal spirits, heavy duty cantilever racks ,cantilever racking system, he felt a burst of upset. On this day, Yang Yunfeng came to the forbidden place of Jian Zong as usual. Not long after he arrived near the window, an elder of the Sword Sect and more than a dozen outstanding disciples of the Sword Sect who were qualified to enter the Forbidden Area came in from outside. Lin Yongtang, the second elder of the Biyun Sword Sect, is one of the three strong men of the Biyun Sword Sect. He is arrogant and arrogant by nature. He has always ignored Yang Yunfeng, the suzerain whose strength has never entered the realm of the Sword Sect. On weekdays, he has always been dissatisfied with Yang Yunfeng. Especially when Yang Yunfeng regarded Hentian as the suzerain's successor and gave up his own grandson Lin Qiang, his dissatisfaction with Yang Yunfeng escalated to the point of hatred. This time enters the beast spirit space, Lin Yongtang the original intention is wants to let the own grandson Lin Qiang lead the team, but is finally preempted by Yang Yunfeng, has arranged to hate the day. It was for this reason that Lin Yongtang was eager to die in the space of animal spirits, and he justifiably put Lin Qiang on the throne of the suzerain's successor. After entering the Forbidden Area with Lin Qiang and a group of Lin's trusted disciples, Lin Yongtang saw Yang Yunfeng in a panic at a glance. Seeing Yang Yunfeng staring at the window with an anxious look on his face, he said in a strange way, "Master Yang, what's the matter?"? Hasn't your beloved disciple come back from the beast spirit space? They haven't come back from the beast spirit space for half a month, and I'm afraid they will never come back. Yang Zongzhu or think carefully, on this loss, how to explain to Zongmen. Lin Yongtang's teasing made Yang Yunfeng frown. Yang Yunfeng, who knew that Lin Yongtang was careful, did not argue with Lin Yongtang, but looked coldly at Lin Qiang, who covered his face and snickered, and did not take his suzerain to heart, as well as members of the Lin family. He watched for a long time until Lin Qiang and the young disciples of the Lin family all lowered their heads in fear. Then he said in a cold voice, Elder Lin.
Could it be that a disciple who enters the space of the beast spirit has set a time to come back? Even if they have an accident, I will personally tell the elder about it and the evil intentions of some people. "You.." Lin Yongtang's face darkened. He gazed coldly at Yang Yunfeng and said, "Well, I'll see how you give Zongmen an explanation.". If all the disciples of this sect are wiped out, you, the suzerain, will come to an end. With that, Lin Yongtang patted his grandson Lin Qiang on the shoulder like a demonstration and said, "I've already consulted with the Great Elder. I'll open the Sword Skill Hall in three days at the latest. If Hentian doesn't come back by then, I'll see what you can do to argue with me." "Despicable!" In the face of Lin Yongtang, who was in danger, Yang Yunfeng could no longer hold back his anger and cursed. As soon as his voice fell, Lin Yongtang's body surged with a violent breath. Even Lin Yongtang's disciples around him were so frightened that they retreated a few steps when the pressure of the strong men of the Sword Sect was released. Hum Lin Yongtang did not attack Yang Yunfeng after he released the pressure of the strong man of the Sword Sect. He disdained to glance at the window and said viciously, "I'll wait here. I'd like to see if they can come out of the beast spirit space." The dispute between Lin Yongtang and Yang Yunfeng made the atmosphere in the forbidden area awkward. The disciples who supported Yang Yunfeng and the members of the Lin family who supported Lin Yongtang all stared at each other with big eyes and small eyes, showing strong hostility to each other. In the stalemate between the two sides, time passed by minute by minute,push back racking system, and it was evening in a twinkling of an eye. When the sunset on the horizon gradually sank into the valley, Yang Yunfeng could not help sighing. Another day passed, but there was still no movement in the window. It seemed that he was waiting in vain again today. He hated that people would not come out of the space of the beast spirit. Yang Yunfeng waved his hand to the disciple behind him and turned to go. jracking.com
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