Wesley 111 (virus)

But as Tian Huo said, in her eyes, there is brilliance, different, but her eyes are a little twinkling, at a glance, she has a major concern, has become a heavy burden on her spirit. Into the room, she first came to Tian Huo's body: "You this person, really-" she seems to want to blame, but can not help laughing, expression and words, are extremely kind and natural, look very comfortable. Tian Huo trembled even more and said in a trembling voice, "I-I-" The princess had already stretched out her hand and wiped down the two things on his eyes. As soon as Tian Huo recovered his eyesight, he saw the princess very close in front of him, and the whole person shook like an electric shock. I watched coldly, thinking that the princess, as a woman, must be naturally sensitive, and it is impossible not to know that Tian Huo has special feelings for her. However, she pretended not to know at all. As if nothing had happened, she completely ignored Tian Huo's unusual reaction and said with a smile, "It's good now. Mr. Wei is here. He can just help me solve the problem!" Tian Huo,warehouse pallet racks, like a fool, made a few meaningless sounds, and the princess looked at me. I immediately said, "I can see that the problem in your mind has caused you great trouble, but I may not be able to help you solve it." The princess lowered her head for a moment and then said, "My problem is that I have made a hypothesis. For many years, I have been trying to verify it, but there is no result. This makes me extremely suspicious. I wonder if my hypothesis is wrong. In fact,mobile racking systems, there is no such thing at all!" The princess spoke very euphemistically, and her words were not difficult to understand, but before she told the specific facts, I could not say anything, so I had to say: "Your hypothesis is not from the sky!" The princess suddenly had a burst of excitement: "Of course, it is not produced by the sky. There are too many phenomena that are enough to make me have this hypothesis." I spread out my hands: "Excuse me, what is the phenomenon that makes you have any assumptions?" Tian Huo is obviously the first time to come into contact with this topic, he has not known what the princess is doing, so he is also nervous, absorbed. Naturally, Blue Silk was just as attentive, waiting for an answer. The princess looked up thoughtfully. Then she looked at me for a while and then turned her eyes to Tian Huo. "Tian, do you remember which paper I saw you for the first time?" Tian Huo hurriedly said: "Remember, I put forward that there are still many kinds of viruses that harm human beings that have not been discovered, because their size is extremely small, infinitely small, so they can not be seen." "They are too small to be seen, heavy duty metal racks ,heavy duty cantilever racks," said the princess, "but they exist, and humans know they exist, don't they?" The princess suddenly discussed the virus with Tian Huo. Blue silk showed a look of impatience. I winked at her and motioned her not to be impatient. Because I expected that what the princess wanted to say must be very complicated and unusual, so she used this method. Before I saw the princess, I was quite hostile, partly because I inferred that she was acting strangely, and partly because she admitted to Tian Huo that she was the public enemy of mankind. But now, soon after we met, my hostility was gradually dissipating, because she did have a temperament that made people feel close and credible. So, without reservation, I accepted her kind of expression, which seemed to be a roundabout way. At this time, Tian Huo replied: "Yes, human beings should be able to know their existence-many inexplicable diseases, human beings do not know their origin, some attributed to congenital, some attributed to genetic and so on, I believe that they are caused by invisible viruses, but this idea has not yet been generally accepted by human beings." "Please give me an example," said the princess. Tian Huo is happy: "Well, for example, myopia and hyperopia, this defect in the human body, until now, has not been related to bacteria and viruses, but I think that there is a special virus at work.".
” Blue Silk and I looked at each other. Tian Huo's example is very simple, but it has far-reaching significance. What he means is that many diseases, which are considered by modern medicine to be physiological and non-bacterial diseases, are actually caused by invisible viruses! "By extension," said the princess, "the cells of the human body will age." Tian Huo immediately took over: "There are two reasons: one is natural aging, and the other is the destruction of viruses, which accelerates natural aging." I lost my voice and said, "The ancients lived an unusually long life. That's -- that's --" Tian Huo answered, "Yes, that's because they were successful in fighting the virus. That's why they avoided rapid aging. I don't have any basis. I just estimate that the virus makes people live only one tenth of their life. It's hard for everyone to escape the devouring of life by the virus!" "It's appalling," I whispered. Princess a word: "This is only a small one!" " I ask urgently: "What is more serious is-" Princess suddenly changed the subject: "Blood cancer, impotence, mental retardation and other diseases related to the brain, human beings also believe that bacteria have nothing to do with-" Tian Huo said: "Of course, that is also the virus in the destruction." The princess looked at me with a serious expression. "So I think the virus has already invaded the human brain!" " For a moment, I couldn't fully understand what she meant, so I said, "You mean that many brain diseases are not physiological, but caused by viruses!" Princess, word for word: "More than that!" " I stayed for a while. Blue silk and Tian Huo also had their own unknown colors. The princess stretched out her hand and pointed to her forehead: "Human beings are actually very pitiful. They know very little about their brains. They don't even know how the most important function of the brain, the production of thoughts, works." Tian Huo and I both nodded in agreement. The princess took a breath: "Although human beings do not know the specific circumstances of how thought comes into being, it is certain that it must be related to some tissues of the brain. If a virus invades this tissue, then there will be morbid thoughts,industrial racking systems, just as bacteria invade the tissues of the human body and make the invaded tissues morbid and deformed!" When I heard this, I straightened up steeply. The idea of the princess is really amazing! Viruses cause disease not only in the human body, but also in the human mind. jracking.com
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