The Department of Repaying Wishes of Quick Wear

Ye Zhiqiu's advanced skill has been completely able to hide in the city. So when she spread the news in the Jinding community, none of the squatters realized that the person who threw the spitball was the one they were looking for. Although she did not know that the secret box was indeed the secret treasure of Xiaoyao Gate, it did not prevent her from distorting the facts and bringing disaster to the east. So Ye Zhiqiu deliberately distorted the secret box in Rox's hand into the treasure of Xiaoyao Gate, which was a mistake. Rocks is also on the wrong track. At the Casino de Mordecaro, Rocks did not know that she was the woman he was looking for everywhere in Jianghu. He just thought that this woman's ability might be able to unlock the secret of the mysterious box. So he used the red and moved the dark department, the top intelligence station of the West Phoenix Kingdom. Red has a special ability, as long as he wants to find someone, there is no one he can not find, although this time it took a little trouble, but he still touched the woman's residence. When Rocks accidentally knew that she was the woman who caused a sensation in Jianghu, and reported her name in the name of Xiaoyao Gate, he immediately left for Xijing. The secret of the mysterious box needs to be solved, and the secret of Xiaoyao Gate also needs to be obtained. I just didn't think there would be an accident. The woman herself was an accident. Beautiful as a demon, she can always make Roxy can't help it. What is it if it's not an accident? Just own calculation, see I this woman is to know,warehousing storage solutions, she homeopathy and also played a trick to bring disaster to the east. Really too annoying, obviously can rely on face value to play tricks, when a vase, silly white sweet is not good? Rocks looked at the people in the hall and began to complain silently in his heart. ―――――――― Chapter 73 78 cracking. ―――――――― This time, a small part of the former I's fishing is directed at the woman's martial arts I, but more is directed at the secret of Xiaoyao Gate. For example,asrs warehouse, the big guys in the hall want to get the true secret of Xiaoyao Gate most. Nie yuan sat on a chair of gold nanmu, his eyelids drooping slightly. Is Xia Yan an active or passive woman who lives in Rox's manor? With her skill, even if Rox sent someone to watch her, if she really wanted to escape, no one should be able to trap her, but. If she took the initiative, what did she mean by staying with Rox? Did she fall in love with this man? What is the secret behind Xiaoyao Gate, a school that has recently set off a storm in the family? Why is my father so secretive about this school? Nie yuan did not know what Xiaoyao Gate meant at first. After all, this school had been dead for more than 40 years. It was not until his father mentioned before departure that he asked him to pay more attention to the movements of the Luo family that he found something strange. So he specifically asked his father how Xiaoyao Gate was exterminated 40 years ago, but his father did not elaborate, and this time he did not object to the Golden Triangle. In view of his father's concealment, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, he used his own strength to find something, something superficial. The eyes of Nie yuan and Rox were intertwined, and both sides knew what they wanted. Ye Zhiqiu followed Xiaobai's divinity to see all this, and she touched her earlobe thoughtfully. Rocks left and right, settled the people of these families, and finally pulled away to the front of Ye Zhiqiu. Near the autumn festival, the servants in the manor are cleaning everywhere and decorating with lanterns and colored streamers. Ye Zhiqiu is sitting upright, Rox's tall figure makes her quite critical, there is a stool not to sit, where is the door God here? "Is it fun?" Rocks asked derisively. Interesting Ye Zhiqiu knew what he was asking, and she wrote two words on the paper. Rocks asked tentatively, "Do you know how many people Moklo has brought with him now?" "More than expected." Ye Zhiqiu has not even raised her head since Rox entered the door, and has been observing him out of the corner of her eye. More than expected? Rocks was surprised that the woman had never left home, but she knew that Moklo's ability was much stronger than Red's? What kind of ability is this? He had never despised this woman, and she had surprised him more and more. This was a powerful opponent, and Rox was now clamoring in his heart.
Conquer her? Possess her? Destroy her? Ye Zhiqiu coldly wrote a sentence on the paper: "You don't want to conquer me, possess me, destroy me, with your ability.." You can't do any of that. Rox: Are you the devil? Your innermost thoughts are known to you. He humbled himself in his heart, bent down and sat opposite Ye Zhiqiu. Rocks sat in silence, half ringing before he took out the secret box from his bosom and said, "Open this box and pay a hundred million yuan." He knew the woman's weakness. Rocks, as a superior, is perfect in the use of the art of controlling people. But all people have weaknesses, and the important thing is whether the weaknesses can be perceived. Although the woman calculated herself and led the trouble to the Moklo belt, the fifty million of them also played a role in her. Since money can let her alone venture to the Golden Triangle, then now first cast other likes, and then slowly plan it. Give the money first. With a stroke of his pen, Ye Zhiqiu hadn't given the last fifty million yet. He played twice in one move. Was he stupid. Rocks pursed his thin lips and raised his hand to clap. Mike came in with a big bag and put it beside Rox. He lowered his body and unzipped the bag, which was full of the largest money in Xifeng country. When Ye Zhiqiu saw it, she nodded. When the business was finished, she could retire for a while. When the results of the scientific research team come out, the follow-up funds of Qiongdao will be guaranteed. As long as there are no other accidents, the task will be basically completed. Without further ado, Ye Zhiqiu began to unravel the box that had plagued the Luo family for many years. She took the box slowly, these tiny lines can be moved,shuttle rack system, each time before moving these lines, Ye Zhiqiu will now calculate in the brain. This kind of work is very grinding and nerve-racking, and those who have no patience will not sink down to do it at all.
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