Spirit of Heaven and Spirit of Earth

At nine o'clock, all the people in the dormitory came back. As soon as Wang Yanfei entered the door, he cried out that he was hungry. It happened that some of the bread that Han Yunyun had bought had not been opened, so he simply gave it to Wang Yanfen. Zhang Yunyan and Meng Xiaofei were singing together, and occasionally Han Yunyun would hum along. Until eleven o'clock to turn off the lights, Li Xiaomeng has not come back, Han Yunyun could not help but take out his cell phone to call her, there is no answer, now the dormitory people can be a little worried, Han Yunyun and Xia Zhiqiu began to take turns to call Li Xiaomeng. It's so late. Don't let anything happen. Zhang Yunyan muttered worriedly, and Meng Xiaofei comforted him by saying, "I guess I forgot the time when I was with Wang Chao. Maybe I'll be back soon." "Even if you're with Wang Chao, you should hear the phone ring." Wang Yanfei is also very worried, although she and Li Xiaomeng quarreled, but it is not a particularly big contradiction, the two people each step will be all right. When something big happens, the people in the dormitory are as close as sisters. I couldn't get through, so I couldn't sleep at ease. Finally, it was nearly twelve o'clock when Li Xiaomeng called: "Did you call me just now?"? Sorry, I was singing and I didn't hear it. "We're worried about you. What time is it and you're not coming back?" Han Yunyun said, Li Xiaomeng grinned: "Thank you for your concern, but really don't worry, Wang Chao and I are together,aluminum tile edge trim, we are going to sing all night tonight, you go to bed early, don't worry about me." Han Yunyun sighed and hung up the phone helplessly: "Forget it. Let's go to sleep. I'm playing with my boyfriend." Wang Yanfei is not happy: "That anyhow also say, if this has a bit what thing, we must not worry all night?" The rest of the people did not say anything, but also felt that Li Xiaomeng should say hello first. After all, before going out, he said he would come back tonight. As a result, he did not care to say anything when he was playing. It was really too careless. Go to sleep,china tile trim, go to sleep, there will be classes tomorrow morning. Han Yunyun urged, she had a good temper, but this time she did not want to speak for Li Xiaomeng. Who knows her voice just fell, Xia Zhiqiu's mobile phone rang, Xia Zhiqiu was afraid to disturb the people in the dormitory to sleep, quickly got up and covered the mobile phone to get out of bed and go outside the door. School sister, help me. Before closing the door, she was afraid that the other side would hang up, so she quickly got through. Unexpectedly, Han Yunyun was lying down. As soon as she heard the sound, she got up again and went out behind Xia Zhiqiu. Her ear was on the back of Xia Zhiqiu's hand to eavesdrop openly. What's the matter? Xia Zhiqiu asked in a deep voice. Over there was Liu Chengwei's voice: "I'm worried about my girlfriend, and I'm afraid of involving the people in our dormitory. So I took my girlfriend to live outside at night. I don't know how the female ghost found her. Now she's outside the window!" "Oh, don't come in!" There was a girl's voice over there. Xia Zhiqiu hurriedly asked, "Address!" "Room 1802, 18/F, stainless steel tile edging ,stainless steel tile edge trim, Building 19, Xinxin District, Chenghua Street." Liu Chengwei said quickly and shouted, "Yueyue, Fu Paper!" "I'll go too." As soon as Xia Zhiqiu hung up the phone, Han Yunyun said with his eyes shining. Xia Zhiqiu ignored her and went in to get his clothes. But Han Yunyun also changed his clothes and came out: "Take me there." First, it is a burden to take you. Second, it's not good to see too much of this. Girls themselves belong to Yin. Seeing too much of this kind of thing will change their constitution, and it's easy to be possessed by ghosts in the future. Xia Zhiqiu seriously refused to say: "Cherish life, away from ghosts, good, I am for your sake, hurry back to sleep." "I'll go just this once, I swear." Han Yunyun raised her finger, of course, she knew that Xia Zhiqiu was good for her, but this person, as long as the curiosity was born, it could not be suppressed, trying to find ways to join in the fun, to see the true face of the ghost. She also made up her mind to see it once. If she was scared, she would not miss it next time. If she was not scared, there would be no next time. Anyway, there would be nothing to see if she was not scared.
When Xia Zhiqiu walked forward, she followed him step by step and moved forward. Such a big man, Xia Zhiqiu could not fix him. Seeing that he followed him to the stairway entrance, Xia Zhiqiu had no choice but to roll his eyes: "Well, just once. I can remember what you said. There will be no next time." Han Yunyun got what he wanted and immediately said with a smile, "You can rest assured that I will never have a next time. I promise, I swear with my character." Xia Zhiqiu rolled his eyes and thought that Liu Chengwei over there could not wait, so he went downstairs quickly. However, when they arrived at the door of the dormitory building, they were dumbfounded. They forgot to turn off the lights at eleven o'clock, and the door of the building would not be locked. Xia Zhiqiu took one look at Han Yunyun and quickly came up with an idea. As soon as he bent down, his facial expression changed. He began to cry out for pain. Han Yunyun hurriedly knocked on the window of the dormitory aunt: "Auntie, Auntie, open the door quickly. My roommate has a stomachache, like appendicitis. We're going to the hospital!" The aunt estimated that she had just gone to sleep and had not yet fallen asleep. She turned on the light and asked, "Did you have a bad stomach?" "I don't know, I ate some roadside stalls outside in the evening." Han Yunyun's face was very anxious: "It began to hurt when the lights were not turned off. She also said she would endure it. As a result, she couldn't help it now. It hurt more and more. We are in the second class of the literature department. My name is Han Yunyun." Seeing that the aunt took out a registration book, Han Yunyun quickly let go and reported by the way: "Well, aunt, please open the door for us quickly. I'll take her outside to take a taxi." Probably is the acting skill is too good, the aunt did not suspect, hurriedly took the key to come out to open the door for them: "Do you want to make a phone call to your teacher?" "No, we're all sophomores, so we can't keep bothering the teacher." Han Yunyun hurriedly said: "Besides, it's eleven o'clock, and the teachers are also hard in class during the day. I'm a commissary in charge of studies. I think the teachers are working very hard. I'll go and accompany them myself. You don't have to worry." As he spoke, he helped Xia Zhiqiu out of the gate and walked out. The aunt saw that the two of them had a good idea,tile trim manufacturers, so she was relieved. But when I went back to my room and thought about it, I was still not at ease, so I called the counselor. jecatrims.com
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