Duo Lai Mi instigated

"Really?"? Hey, keep your head up. Fuck This voice.. Fine Let me see who you are.. My twinkling eyes, Slowly look at the source of the sound. Then stand up slowly. wWw. xiAoshUotxt.cOm Duo Lai Mi instigated nine Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'tang chapter 9 "Hey, you're right!"! Ha ha ha "She's still alive after we cleaned her up ~ ~ Ahaha!" One of the girls raised her hand and poked me in the forehead. "Hands off." The men began to laugh.. There are still four of them. Same as before.. I want to forget.. I don't want to remember.. My heart began to beat faster.. Because I'm scared..? Ha! Of course not. Because I want revenge.. Damn, when did you become so arrogant? Oh, do you have any preparation? Or did you find some kind of backer this time..? Uh The girl who gave me the worst impression stood in front of me. "Do you have itchy skin?" As if startled by my words, they pretended to blink. "Ah ha ha!"! Hey, Ji-won,stainless steel edge trim, did you hear what she said? Her! Asking if we're itchy..!! "Maybe Xiyuan hit her too hard last time. She's crazy, this dead girl." With that, Bitch # 1 raised his hand. And I immediately grabbed her and twisted her behind her. Oh! Oh! For a moment, the other three companions behind her were stunned. I don't even want to mention their names. The bitch fell to the ground and began to gasp for breath. One of the other three girls rushed at me. "Ah!" A roar at the same time. She immediately fell to the ground with Bitch # 1. Bitch # 3 and Bitch # 4 began to back out and back away. I made the coldest face I could make.. And then slowly approach them. Grabbed Bitch # 3,aluminium edge trim, and I pulled her in front of me. Ji-won! Hey, what are you doing?! A beefy boy ran up to Bitch # 1 who was lying behind me. He is wearing the uniform of Mingyuan High School. They look like a couple. Whoa! Chang-soo! She-she-she twisted my arm! tt0tt” What?! Who is it?! "She!"! That bitch in the shorts!!!! The boy stood up and came to me. He looks really ugly and ridiculous. You should go and stay with Kyung-baek, bastard. At first I was thinking, a guy, okay! I can handle.. But now, I realize, stainless steel tile trim ,stainless steel edging strip, One after another, another group of boys ran to me from the school gate. They began to surround me in the middle. There are 8 people in total. If Qingbai were sitting here, I would still have a chance to win. Qingbai is really.. When he is really needed, he is useless!!! Bitch # 3 and # 4 are hiding behind those people. Hey, who the hell are you, huh? Why did you hit Ji-won? Asks Bastard Chang-soo, jostling me. I didn't hit her. I just twisted her arm. You're the one. Why are you pushing? Eight boys and two girls laughed at the same time. Plus the two lying on the ground. Look at how arrogant this girl is. Which elementary school do you go to? What grade is it? Is this Busan? Do you think I'll be afraid if you say that? "How dare you talk back to me?!" The atmosphere became more tense. The bastard picked me up by the collar. An uneducated bastard who beats a girl. Chang-soo! Kill her! Kill her now! Bitch # 3 shouts happily. Who's going to kill who? Put her down and don't make me angry. www.xiaoshuotxt.com Duolaimi instigated ten Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'tang chapter 10 Ngwe said and walked to the boy standing behind me.
Surprised, the bastard Chang-soo put me down. Ngwe, did you just say that? Ngwe didn't answer, but came over and took my hand. Everyone looked surprised. "Hey, Shin Eun-kyu, do you know this girl?" "You make me angry. Do you think you are a warrior?" “…… What did you say Asks the bastard, unable to close his mouth. Shut up, ugly. Flies will get in. With a defiant look on my face, I brushed past them. Porter, let's go. "Good!!!" Ya ha ~ Ya ha ~ ~ They're not going to be swarming me on the head now, are they? When we get some distance, Bastard Chang-soo shouted in the back. "If you do that, you're asking for trouble, Shin Eun-kyu!!!" "Then try it, and I'll give you a taste of my bitterness before you do it." “…………” And then. We began to walk on again. "Shin Eun-kyu!"! Think about what school you're from?! You're supposed to help us! And And you said you didn't have a girlfriend! Shouted Bitch # 3. She's not my girlfriend. And you! Stop pestering me!!! “…………” Speechless,metal trim manufacturers, bitch # 3 keeps staring at me.. "I wouldn't like you even if you bought me 500 CDs." He picked up his pace as he muttered. And I hastened to follow. Hey, give me a minute. Give me the guitar and I'll help you carry it! “…… Disuse “… Why? I came here to carry the guitar for you. "You're hurt." Grinning, I thought you said you weren't interested in other people's business! Then why are you helping me? 。 jecatrims.com
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