The complete works of "Beauty Jianghu" of online game

Then trust him. He has a reason for letting you leave the ice castle, although I don't know what his reason is. With that, I turned to the Duan brothers. Mother, wait, I have something to say. "Behind me came the voice of Mengmeng Rain again.". Chapter 205 thinking Turning around, I looked at the misty rain doubtfully. "What else do you want?" "Mother, if you go back to the Ice Castle, I suggest you contact the God first." Meng Mengyu said. But his message reception is off. I can't reach him at all. I said helplessly, "but isn't it the same for me to go straight to him?" "The situation in the castle is a little special now." "The drizzling rain hesitates to speak, and it seems that there is something unspeakable." Isn't it convenient to tell me? I asked with consideration. The ice castle has been closed. Meng Mengyu seemed to have made up his mind. "Before his subordinates left, they had accidentally seen a dispute between the God King and the right Dharma Protector. Not long after that, all the people in the Ice Castle were expelled from the Ice Castle except for a few people who stayed behind.". Even the water main was driven out. Soon after that, the right Dharma Protector closed the mountain, and the transport array leading to the Ice Castle could only go out but not in. Even we, the members of the Ice Castle, could not get in. And the right Dharma Protector also gave us an order through the gang channel, as long as it is not the people of the Ice Castle, anyone who enters the Ice Castle headquarters can be killed, especially young women. So now there are almost no people outside the Ice Castle in the headquarters of the Ice Castle. Although you have been designated as the mother of the Ice Castle by the God, you are not the gang of the Ice Castle,Ozone generator ceramic plate, so if you go west again, I'm afraid you'll have to face the pursuit of the ice castle gang. Is there such a thing? I looked back at the Duan brothers in surprise. Judging from their foggy movement route, it was obvious that they were shaking their heads to show that they did not know about it. And what I don't understand most is why Xiao Liu drove Shui Ruthless out. You know, Shui Ruthless is his sister. Xiao Liu's original intention was to keep the Ice Castle. Long Xiaotian can't get the whole Jianghu and live a life of muddling along, but for the sake of his sister's entrustment. As soon as he changed his original will, he embarked on the road of confrontation with the Qinglong Gang, which showed that his sister was in the highest position in his heart. But why on earth did he drive his sister out? Somehow, I always felt that there was something missing in my thinking, but I couldn't think of it, so I shook my head blankly. I'm puzzled. What on earth is this six-faced God doing? Isn't he doing this to ruin everything in the game? What was the purpose of entering the game to build the Ice Castle? Duan Dao, ceramic igniter electrodes ,10g Ozone Generator, who had been silent all the time, suddenly said to himself. An unintentional remark, however, gave me a flash of inspiration, like an invisible thread, which strung together my original mixed thoughts. Open Beta of the game, Long Ao has not died, then the small six into the game, of course, there will be no idea of fighting for the world. He should come in purely with the mentality of playing, after all, the brain at that time gave him a lot of information, which was enough to make him quickly become one of the top ten masters in the game. Then Long Ao learned about his situation in the game. Entrusted him to teach Long Xiaotian what feelings are, and soon Long Ao died. Xiaoliu had to accept Long Ao's final commission. And at that time. I'm afraid a copy of Long Ao's suicide note was also sent to Xiaoliu. In this case, the game is officially in operation. I'm afraid Xiao Liu and Ximen Shui had their first conflict. Xiaoliu's idea is probably just thinking about how to use the Oriental Dream to torture the feelings of Longxiao Heaven and Earth, in order to complete the Long Ao's commission, and Ximen Shui is obviously quite concerned about the will, in order not to let Longxiao Heaven get the core program of the brain, or even to legalize Xiaoliu's own identity, Ximen Shui turned into three holy mothers and began his career in the game. Although the two parted ways, Xiao Liu still cared about the three holy mothers, so he kept in touch with them all the time, and when appropriate, he would give advice to the three holy mothers, and he also built the Ice Castle himself.
There are only two initial purposes for the establishment of the Ice Castle. First, if Xiao Liu wants to get to Long Xiaotian, he naturally needs to establish his own power. But the purpose of his power is to earn more money, because he needs money to discover a lot of information and arrange enough eyes. Only in this way can he know everything in Jianghu and find more opportunities to attack Long Xiaotian. It can be seen from the fact that Xiao Liu can arrange an inside line to turn against various gangs overnight that there are not a few intelligence officers he has developed, and it naturally costs a lot of money to support these people, so the first purpose of the establishment of the Ice Castle is to make money, and the Ice Castle's actions in Jianghu have always been based on this criterion. Of course, the second purpose of the establishment of the Ice Castle is naturally not to let Long Xiaotian get the rivers and lakes. Although Xiaoliu had no intention of disclosing his identity as the eldest son of the Dragon family, he didn't want Long Xiaotian to get the whole Jianghu. Therefore,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, at the beginning of the establishment of the Ice Castle, he began to look for a way to make the Ice Castle invincible. A gang that could never be found by others was obviously the best. For this reason, he sacrificed a lot of lives to open the ancient array.
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